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Military Life

Oh… Military Life! This is likely what brought you to Mission: Milspouse in the first place. It is what binds the military community together with its wildly unique lifestyle.

Whether you are here to learn how to better live in this military life, how to support a loved one who is living the military lifestyle, or to see if this lifestyle is something you may like to be a part of, you have come to the right place.

Here at Mission: Milispouse the military lifestyle is what inspires us, drives our home lives, our moves, and our service member’s career, and gives us a camaraderie like no other. So welcome friend, take a seat and read more about all things that make us who we are and make the military lifestyle a life like no other! 

Dear Moms

Dear Moms

Dear Moms, We live in an age of extreme judgement. We judge our clothes, houses, cars, and worst of all, we judge our kids. Our Kids! Kids grades, kids sports, kids college choices, kids everything. And, they know adults tend to be judgmental. They feel this judgement...

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