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Did you know… Cumulatively, our Mission: Milspouse Command Team has 159 years of military spouse experience and 68 PCSes under their belts!

Executive BRanch

Sharita Knobloch, EdD

Executive Director

Dr. Sharita Knobloch has been married to her beloved infantryman husband for 12 years.  She holds a Doctor of Education in Community Care and Counseling: Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University.

Sharita is mama, a smallish dog owner, aspiring runner, writer, speaker, and spiritual leadership coach. She has been with Mission: Milspouse (formerly Army Wife Network) since February 2014. In 2020, she was named Armed Forces Insurance Fort Bliss Military Spouse of the Year.

She has recently returned to the working world, and is a Dissertation Chair at Liberty University Online in the Department of Community Care and Counseling. Sharita also serves as the Military Spouse Liaison for Katie’s Way dTMS clinic in El Paso. 

Sharita gets really excited about office supplies and journal shopping, is a certified auctioneer, overuses hashtags on a regular basis with #NoShame and frequently uses #America! as a verb.


Jolene McNutt

Deputy Director

Jolene has been married to her extroverted husband, Phil, for 14  years. He is marching towards the retirement finish line after 22 years of Active Duty military service with the Army. Jolene works for to help military families get connected with no cost online tutoring services (Kindergarten through Bachelor level!) funded by the Department of Defense. Jolene and Phil have a son in middle school who loves LEGO, playing his trombone and board games. They also have a weimaraner, Max, who is the most demanding personality in the household. He keeps the whole family laughing.

Jolene enjoys traveling, reading, and making allergy-friendly recipes for Finn. Despite her introverted nature, Jolene loves hosting friends and family. You can find her volunteering or hiking with Max during her spare time. Find her on Instagram @jolenemichelle1.

Sarah Robichaud

Director of Administration

Sarah is a Maryland native who married her husband, Andrew, in 2012. Since then, she has had the opportunity to live in Georgia (twice), Germany, Texas, Virginia, and now Michigan. Sarah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling.

Sarah has been a part of Mission: Milspouse for almost three years and has been a follower of the blog and podcast for much longer, dating back to her early years as a newbie milspouse. As someone with no prior military knowledge, Sarah used Mission: Milspouse’s resources to learn how to navigate this crazy world that she “signed up for”. Today, it is her passion to provide those resources to others. Sarah also moonlights as a Social Media Director for a virtual marketing company.

Sarah is rocking the work-from-home life while raising two amazing children, Emily (8) and Logan (5), and two fluffy dogs. In her free time, Sarah enjoys running, reading, puzzling, and taking naps. She is also an avid traveler who most likely has her next three vacations already mapped out. 

Content BRanch

Kathleen Palmer

Director of Content

Kathleen is an educator and project seeker from Texas. In her 25 years as an Army wife, Kathleen has taught and coached in six different states and Germany. Kathleen has a big heart for both Army families and soldiers having served as a Soldier for Life counselor in both Germany and Korea. Her favorite part of Army life is her acquired community of battle buddies!

Kathleen loves words (both speaking and writing them) and has contributed to AWN, NMFA, The Fort Hood Sentinel, The Army Spouse Handbook, Inside Abu Ghraib, Memoirs of Two US Military Intelligence Officers, and The Army War College at Carlisle.  Her favorite writing piece about being an Army wife is   “The Lady in the Grey Suit” which was published in 2015 in Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors (Vol.3).  You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, or on her website, Life Is Messy, Love Big.  Just like Kathleen, the site is a WORK in Progress!

Chloe Sardinas

Deputy Director of Content

Chloe is a Florida native who loves all things that come with beach life! She married her husband in 2018 and has had the opportunity to live at Eglin AFB, Fort Walton Beach, FL; Fort Carson, Colorado, and Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. She attended the University of Florida (GO GATORS) and received a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, and a Master’s degree in Health Education and Behavior. Because two degrees weren’t enough, she also received an MBA from the Florida Institute of Technology.

She loves exploring with her husband and 2-year-old daughter (Avery) and is expecting another little one soon. She’s currently a SAHM who can be found working out or walking to the playgrounds around Fort Leavenworth! Her weekends are filled with family adventures to all the local events.

Lindsey Rauch

Content Curator

Lindsey is a madly-in-love army wife to her husband Matt, proud mother to her 6-month-old son Malachi, dog momma to her blonde husky-collie mix, and a business owner.

She has her M.S in Family Marriage Therapy and M.S in Mental Health and Wellness for Family and Marriage Dynamics from Grand Canyon University.  Lindsey is a speaker, blogger, mentor, and motivator.

Lindsey’s husband joined the military after five years of being married as a civilian family, so she has a heart and passion for new military spouses who feel completely lost or foreign to military life. Additionally, she has a heart for military families with sick children, as she has struggled through the isolation of being at a foreign post in a new city and trying to find support and the best health care for her child. She is now known as the Military NICU Momma.

In her free time, you can find her sipping on a good cup of tea, reading a book, being active, exploring the great outdoors, fishing, writing, or traveling the globe.

Emma Tighe

News 6 Correspondent

Emma Tighe is a lover of news, humor and writing, making her position of News 6 correspondent quite literally a dream come true.

She hails from absolutely nowhere and everywhere, as she was an army brat. Emma has been an army spouse for 11 years and has five children, whom she homeschools. Somewhat successfully, depending on the week.

In college, her choir director said she should’ve majored in comedy. Her theory professor told her she should’ve majored in writing. They must have been right, as she is still attempting to do both.

Emma and her family have lived in five different bases (but 8 separate moves and yes this is important to her) and currently call Fort Leavenworth, KS home.

Emma is an active volunteer, believing that information is power, and the best way to empower new or struggling spouses is to provide them with resources and tools to learn how to advocate for themselves and their families. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram under her page, Rolling Along.

PodCast Branch

Jade Fusaro

Director of Podcast Production

Jade was born and raised in New Jersey.  The Garden State had many things to offer Jade, including when she meet her fellow New Jersey husband on Veterans Day weekend in 2014 while he was home on leave.

Jade studied at Rutgers University, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Sport Management. In the past, Jade has worked in many industries, including sports athletics, management, restaurants, social media, and as a certified barre fitness instructor. Recently, Jade accepted a position in the financial department of a local trauma hospital.

Jade and her husband are currently stationed in South Florida, where they are again enjoying the beach, summer year-round, cortaditos, and being back on the east coast closer to family. In Jade’s spare time, she enjoys connecting with her family and friends, taking fitness classes, attending or watching sporting events, taking pictures of her cat, enjoying a good Italian meal, meditating, and learning something new.

Kristin Salina

Deputy Director of Podcast Production

Kristin is a Florida native who loves the beach and sunsets. She recently married her husband, Ricky in February of 2022 and now calls Fort Bragg, NC “home.” Since stepping into her new role as a milspouse, Kristin has been actively involved in PWOC and continues to seek opportunities to serve women and families in her community.

In her free time, Kristin enjoys cooking, reading, trying new coffee shops, working out, and learning about world history with her husband. Kristin is excited to be a part of an amazing team and hopes to build up the military community, so they can prove faithful in all that is before them.

Brittney O'Keefe

Audio Engineer

Brittney is an artist, graphic designer, and painting teacher residing in the wonderful state of Colorado where she lives with her Army Veteran husband. She received her BFA at Columbia College Chicago and previously worked in the professional theatre world. She also enjoys editing audio, music composition, and music production. You can typically find her trying to garden in the short growing season of Colorado and hiking in the Rockies. Even though her husband is not active duty any longer, “Once a milspouse, always a milspouse.”

Development Branch

Chrissy Gibbs

Director of Development

Chrissy married her husband in 2010 and jumped right into her milspouse role. She knew that life would be more adventurous and sometimes more difficult, but it would always be worth it.

She had previously received her teaching degrees from Niagara University in Special Education and spent a few years teaching, but once she began having children, she chose to put those talents to work in her own home. Chrissy is a mother to four energetic boys and one husky pup (also a male), so you could say she’s the queen of the castle! Chrissy and her family are currently living in Germany!

In her free time, you can find her working out, at a playdate with close friends, on the hunt for the next geocache, or hiding away binge-watching her favorite guilty pleasure TV shows.

KateLynn Heavilon

Partner Relations Coordinator

KateLynn was born and raised just outside of St. Louis, MO. She met her Army reservist husband while KateLynn was pursuing her undergraduate degree. Her husband transitioned to active duty shortly after they married and spent time at Fort Hood, TX before an MOS change and move to Fort Bragg, NC. Fort Bragg was a blessing for KateLynn as she found her footing as a milspouse & the difference she could make for the military community.

Her husband then volunteered for Drill Sergeant School which led them to their current duty station, Goodfellow AFB, TX, where she was named the Armed Forces Insurance 2022 Goodfellow AFB Spouse Of The Year. 

KateLynn, her husband Justin, & their two rescue pups, Colt & Taurus, are very excited to begin their next adventure in Germany!  She enjoys spending time with their rescue dogs, being outdoors in nature & doing DIY projects. 

Angelia McMichael

Partner Recruitment Specialist

Angelia married her best friend and high school sweetheart, Bobby, in 2008 in their home state of Oklahoma. She has had the unique perspective of being both an Army reservist spouse (2008) as well as an active duty spouse (2010).

Angelia and her family currently reside in North Carolina, where her husband of  13 years works as a Civil Reconnaissance Sergeant at Fort Bragg. She is a full-time momma to four amazing, and sometimes wild, kiddos. She is also a “parent” to a rambunctious German Shepherd, Delta, and a sassy cat, Poppy. You will often find Angelia adventuring with her family and friends, or trying to sneak in a quick nap.

Angelia attended Rogers State University, where she obtained her EMT certification. She hopes to return to school soon to work towards a nursing degree.

Marketing Branch

Annie Pearce

Director of Marketing

Annie was born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, PA (Go Steelers & Penguins!). Annie met her husband Chris in Alexandria, VA, while he was assigned to The Old Guard. Three PCS’es later, they are living at Fort Drum, New York while preparing for their second baby and another PCS.

Annie’s passion for event planning has led her to volunteer for non-profit organizations, including the AMA Triangle and Innovate Raleigh. She has served in multiple roles for large events including Event Director for Fail Fest Raleigh, Trade Show Manager for High Five Conference, and has managed multiple events for an economic development organization. Annie holds a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communication from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Marketing Communication from Ithaca College.

Cheyenne Shelnutt

Deputy Director of Marketing

Cheyenne has been married to her husband, Griffin for a little over a year and they have a daughter and two dogs. Cheyenne’s passions include teaching, spending time with family, and helping others. She is a natural-born runner and has a love for doing hair and all things creative.

Cheyenne and her family are originally from North Texas and are currently stationed in Colorado. Her husband’s commissioning into the Army just a few short months after welcoming their daughter produced its own challenges as she navigated two new journeys all at once. Because of this, Cheyenne felt called to serve the military community and help others navigate this journey. She is excited to join the AWN and empower other military spouses!

Social Media Branch

Kayla Geblein

Director of Social Media

Kayla currently lives with her husband in Fort Benning, Georgia. She is a dog mom to her two pups, Ralph and Georgia.

Kayla graduated from Niagara University with a Bachelor’s in Social Studies Education and Special Education, then attained her master’s in Literacy Education. She has taught in Georgia and at her previous duty station, Fort Bliss.

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Kayla and her husband are avid Buffalo Bills fans and try to attend as many games as they can! After living in Texas, she found a new love for barbecue and has since become quite good at smoking her own meats.

Kayla enjoys reading and doing puzzles, but when her husband is around, they enjoy movies and an occasional video game. Volunteering has been a part of her life as far back as she can remember, and she is very excited to start with AWN!

Abbey Barrett

Deputy Director of Social Media

Abbey Barrett is a fairly new military wife, but has had her fill of the trials that are not included in the job description. She has been married to the love of her life for two years and is a fur mama to a giant scheming kitty and an angel of a rescue dog. Upon becoming a military spouse, she immediately felt a burden for the new spouses that have no idea what to do when their world is flipped upside down with orders to go somewhere they didn’t know was on a map.

Abbey has personally felt the frustration as well as the excitement that comes with this life. She hopes that by learning from and sharing her own experiences with the military spouse life, she can help others to just keep moving forward and have a positive outlook for the sake of their family and for the sake of their own sanity. Abbey is a self-proclaimed old lady as she enjoys crocheting, crafting, reading, sipping tea, and doing puzzles. She also enjoys being outdoors, trying new restaurants, and attending church events with her husband.

Empowerment Branch

Amanda Bicknese

Director of Empowerment

Amanda officially became a military spouse in 2014. She is a mom to two tiny humans, William and Mikayla, and two fur babies. Amanda is from Florida, where she and her husband, Mick, met in high school and began dating during their freshmen year of college. She holds a Bachelor’s in English Literature from the University of Central Florida and a Master’s in Teaching Elementary Education from North Carolina State University. Amanda has served in education for a decade, but she is currently working as a freelance book editor and a virtual Chief Executive Assistant while staying home with her little ones.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys writing, reading, hiking, traveling, trying out new restaurants, and exploring new places and activities around her. Amanda is very happy to be a part of such an amazing and supportive community and hopes she can provide encouragement and empowerment anywhere she goes.

Amie Fisher

Deputy Director of Empowerment

Full-time Army Wife and mother of three, Amie Fisher is a certified Life Coach and Retreat Speaker. Amie has led SFRGs, served on various leadership teams, spoken at Army Strong Bond Retreats, and mentored other military wives through 23 months of combat deployments. She led her family through 12 PCS moves in 16 years of active duty service. She is also a proud Military “Coastie” Mom.

Amie has served alongside her husband of 25 years Ron. Recognized by the National Infantry Museum and the Fort Benning Infantry Community, Amie is a recipient of the Shield of Sparta. She is also a contributor to the book From Reveille to Retreat, a handbook for the Army Chaplain’s spouse

Amie enjoys spending time with her family at the beach, crafting, reading, traveling, and cooking. She loves making new and enduring friendships around the world and helping these friends connect with one another for the betterment of the home mission.

Mission: Milspouse is a
501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

EIN Number: 88-1604492


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