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Get ready for an amazing adventure!

Get ready for an amazing adventure! I am so excited that our journey to Puerto Vallarta is about to take off, and the excitement is absolutely contagious! This vibrant part of Mexico is an uncharted territory for me, and I’ve heard it’s an absolute gem of beauty!


Fast forward ahead 6 hours of traveling


Finally, we’ve arrived in paradise! The landscape is an explosion of lush greenery that seems straight out of a tropical magazine.

Those majestic mountains, dressed in their finest emerald attire, are like scenes from a movie. I’m absolutely captivated by the sheer beauty of this place.

As I rush off from the plane and step into my transfer, the anticipation builds up within me. The cityscape whizzes by, dressed with colorful shops that are calling my name to explore.

I couldn’t help but imagine asking the driver to stop so I could get lost in the wonder of the city.

But I contain my excitement and soak it all in. Our journey through the rich mountains leads us to our haven, the Hilton Puerto Vallarta. Nestled in, this intriguing hotel, practically embraced by lush foliage, sits elegantly beside the pristine beach.

Stepping into the lobby, a breeze flows through my hair, revealing a view straight out of a postcard. On one side, the mountains tenderly touch the sea, and on the other, the city’s skyline twinkles.

The check-in line twists and turns filled with other excited guests, but time seems to stand still as I indulge in this awe-inspiring panorama.


In the blink of an eye, my room is ready, and I can barely contain my excitement.


I marvel at my compact carry-on, magically holding a week’s worth of outfits. Unlocking the door to my 10th-floor sanctuary, the view that greeted me in the lobby is now what I get to wake up to for the next 5 days.

This is the life!

After a quick wardrobe change, I’m ready to embark on my exploration.

One thing that truly delighted me about this resort was its perfect balance – everything within arm’s reach, yet without a hint of confinement.

The adults-only pool became my oasis, music, laughter, and relaxation. A swim-up bar filled my craving for tropical concoctions, all while also serving me the best view of the sea. It was a dreamy cocktail of delight!

And oh, the food – a glorious ensemble of flavors! I’m convinced I devoured my weight in most mouthwatering dishes, sampling from buffets, elegant restaurants, and even charming food trucks.

Yes, you read that right – food trucks (the cutest I’ve ever seen) dishing out the freshest, most divine guacamole! The restaurant choices here were for the most foodie of the foodies, and the best part?


It’s all-inclusive!


Indulgence knows no limits, and the staff were like culinary wizards, tending to my every whim. A particular waiter ensured our wine glasses remained perpetually full – I swear he must have served us an entire bottle in a 30-minute period!


Trust me, nobody was complaining!


Of course, I couldn’t resist the siren call of the ocean. Its warmth surrounded me like a big hug, the beach’s pristine stretch and crystal-clear waters enticed me to explore beneath the surface.

Snorkeling revealed a colorful world of aquatic life.

Yet, one of my pinnacle experiences was the exhilarating jet ski adventure. For those fleeting 30 minutes, I was one with the sea, marveling at Puerto Vallarta from a whole new vantage.


Puerto Vallarta has etched itself as one of my top 5 destinations.


It’s a breathtaking masterpiece, painted with kind-hearted people and mouthwatering cuisine. And if you’re contemplating an all-inclusive Mexican getaway, mark my words: Hilton Puerto Vallarta is your ultimate destination!

Prepare to fall in love – you might find it hard to say goodbye!



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  • Meagan Childers

    Meagan is a military spouse of six years, stationed in the Washington DC area who works for a travel company. Her love for travel and exploring new cultures takes her to different destinations, with the beach being a favorite spot for its perfect mix of relaxation and adventure. She believes that travel is an essential part of personal growth and development, and takes every opportunity to broaden her horizons. As a military spouse, she applies adaptability and flexibility to both personal and professional endeavors. By combining her passion for travel with her milspouse experience, she aims to inspire others to explore the world and create unforgettable adventures.


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