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If You Give a Mom an Hour

As the saying goes, a mother’s work is never finished. Between housework, kids, FRG things, and general life, it’s work! Here is our take on the childhood classic, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, except with a focus on  the hard-working moms out there:


If you give a mom an hour to herself, she’ll want a nap to go with it.

When she lies down to take a nap, she’ll probably remember she forgot to start the washing machine.

When the clothes are in the wash, she’ll remember she has to bake cupcakes for the FRG fundraiser. Then, she’ll want to check the pantry to make sure she has everything she needs to bake.

When she checks the fridge for eggs, she’ll see last night’s dinner spilled onto the shelf. She might get carried away and clean out the fridge, top to bottom. She may even end up sweeping and mopping the kitchen.


When she’s done, she’ll want to take the clothes and ACUs out of the washing machine. She’ll sigh as she pulls her underwear off the Velcro.

After the ACUs are hung up, she’ll remember to call her husband to pick up some milk on his way home. When she picks up her phone, she’ll realize she missed a call from her son’s school. She’ll call the school right back, only to find out her son needs a change of clothes.

When she goes to his room, she’ll remember his clothes are in the dryer. She’ll grab his clothes and race out the door.

When she gives the clothes to her son, her son points out a sock static-clung to her butt.

And chances are, when she takes the sock off her butt, she’ll remember she wanted an hour to herself.



  1. Jesi Robinson

    This is so true, even when the service member has retired. It is so true for all MOM’s.

  2. Petrice Rose

    haha! brilliant! “She’ll sigh as she pulls her underwear off the velcro”… Happens to me every time.

  3. Jeremiahnkatie Muston

    oh my goodness it like we have all jumped into my life! 🙂

  4. Jeremiahnkatie Muston

    oh my goodness it like we have all jumped into my life! 🙂


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