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Milspouse 30 year old

MMP #1029: Mini Cast – 30 Before 30 Milspouse Edition

30 Before 30 Milspouse Edition

In today’s NEW episode, Juliana Hauska, our Executive Director at Mission: Milspouse, shares her 30 things that she has learned before hitting the big 3-0! Being a military spouse adds its own flavor to the mix from decoding acronyms to perfecting the art of packing at the speed of light. Whether you’ve got 10 years or 10 weeks until you hit that life-affirming 3-0 milestone, here is a sprinkle of milspouse personal knowledge you should make (and keep) before you get there.

Thank you for tuning in to this episode featuring Juliana Hauska. Nevertheless, we greatly appreciate your support. As we strive to align our guests with our mission, we encourage you to leave a five-star rating and review on Apple Podcasts. After leaving a review, please send us a screenshot to or DM us on Facebook. Additionally, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @missionmilspouse for a special gift.

30 Before 30 Milspouse Edition this week, what podcast episode is next week?

Additionally, did you know? We release a new podcast EVERY Monday. Be sure to join us next Monday for another insightful episode featuring another special guest to the Mission Milspouse Command Team. Lastly, explore more captivating podcasts until then in our Podcast Library. We have 1,024 other podcasts to choose from while you wait.

Subsequently, thank you for your support and listening to this episode! We couldn’t do life without you. Looking for other milspouse content? Check out our blog section HERE.

You can find tons of resources and education within any part of our website. Also, let us know one of your 30 before 30’s as you’ve embarked upon 30 or are heading towards 30 in the comments!

See you next Monday, Mission Milspouse listeners!

With over 159 years of military spouse experience and 68 PCSes under their belts, the M:M Command team is the ultimate Battle Buddy to help navigate Milspouse life. Powered by volunteer spirit and optimism the M:M Command Team could run a small country, but instead are dedicated entirely to the global empowerment of military spouses to help them conquer adversity, foster confidence, and thrive in this military life.


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MMP Show #1033 Maggie The Military Rat

MMP Show #1033 Maggie The Military Rat

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Monica Voicu Denniston is an active duty Air Force spouse and mom to three military brats. She is a first-generation Romanian immigrant who developed a passion for picture books while using them to learn English when she was eight years old. Monica has a law degree from UC Berkeley School of Law, where she currently teaches legal writing. She and her family have lived in Sacramento, California; Newport, Rhode Island; and Madrid, Spain. They call the Bay Area, California home. 

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MMP #1031: Motherhood and Mental Health

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