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New Services Needed for NEW YEAR

Can you believe that it’s already 2023?!  Where did 2022 go?!  I want to take a few minutes to talk about Mental Health within our Military Community as we start a brand new year….

I’m sure that I’m speaking to the choir when I tell you that the Military Community is lacking crisis-care services and the resources to invest in our community’s behavioral health system.

A safety net is only as strong as its weakest thread. It’s time for our community to join forces for the delivery of mental health services for our entire Military Community.

Death is rarely an uplifting topic, but it is a universal one.

Usually people talk about it, or at least acknowledge it. If someone dies of a heart attack, for example, people offer their condolences or a loving gesture. 

Once you introduce the word ‘suicide’, however, people get uncomfortable. 

They look away.

Change the topic. 

Did you know that asking about suicide does not increase their risk of an attempt?  Instead, it actually decreases the stigma, alleviates feelings of isolation, and increases support – decreasing the likelihood of death by suicide. 

Since our Military life is built around acronyms, always BELIEVE. Let me break that down for you…
  • Believe that suicidal comments or gestures are serious
  • Engage in conversation about thoughts and feelings
  • Listen without judgment or arguing
  • Investigate intent and access to lethal means
  • Express empathy for the person and situation
  • Validate how difficult and painful this is for them
  • Encourage them to seek support and escort the person to access help

The opportunity to take a focused approach to building, strengthening and expanding our behavioral health system is something the Ohana Homefront Foundation is working on. 

Remember, it’s okay to not be okay and we are here for you!!! 

Happy 2023 everyone!!

Sarah Otto, President & Co-Founder

Ohana Homefront Foundation




  • Ohana Homefront Foundation

    The Ohana Homefront Foundation was founded on Oct. 4, 2021 by military spouses Natalie Ealy and Sarah Otto. Both Natalie and Sarah have been milspouses for more than two decades and have a heart for the military community as a whole. They realized that there is a gap when it comes to mental health awareness and suicide prevention and want to make sure that EVERYONE in the military community is receiving the mental health care they need. The Ohana Homefront Foundation Board of Directors and numerous volunteers are working to bring awareness to help bring an end to suicide within the military community.


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