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MMP Show #971: 5 Ways to Foster Resilience in Your Military Child

MMP Show #971: 5 Ways to Foster Resilience in Your Military Child

April is the month of the military child and honestly, we’re all making things up as we go. In this Minicast, Sharita talks about her children’s resilience. The thought of resilience can seem buzzworthy and not realistic, but it’s about bouncing forward when facing adversity instead of bouncing back as we learn and grow. Sharita has 5 ways to foster this ability in our children.

Ode to the Military Teenager

Ode to the Military Teenager

You have been told you are like the Dandelion,

Thriving and resilient, no matter where the wind takes you.

And you are, Military Child. You are! You did not choose this life, but you love the people that did.

As you get older, perhaps you resemble the Dandelion a little bit less.

Never Far Apart 

Never Far Apart 

Does anyone remember as far back as 8th grade? Probably not. It’s one of those years where your body is still changing, you’re trying to block out the embarrassing moments, and just want to make it to high school.

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