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MMP #1025: Embers in the London Sky

MMP #1025: Embers in the London Sky

In today’s NEW episode, Director of Content, Kathleen Palmer, will share with us an interview with bestselling World War II novelist, Sarah Sundin.  In this episode, Sarah will share with us her newest novel Embers in the London Sky, which explores the war through the eyes of a mother who has been separated from her beloved child and through a BBC correspondent who knows that reporting the truth will take him deep into the flames. 

News 6: August 28

News 6: August 28

Howdy y’all and buckle up for this very special weeks News 6 update! Navy and Coast Guard Team Up to Save Divers   It was a team effort near Cape Fear, North Carolina, to save four stranded divers. Ben Wiggins, 64, Luke Lodge, 26, Daniel Williams, 46 and Daniel’s...

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