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Did you know… Mission: Milspouse is completely powered by more than 40 volunteers
working behind-the-screens.

OUr Command Team

Here at Mission: Milspouse, we’re proud to say we’re completely powered by a team of dedicated, talented volunteers. We tackle every task, from social media to the blog, from graphic design to podcast audio editing, from web building to script writing, from podcast interviews to hosting Mission: Milspouse Podcast.

Our Command Team volunteers are the core of the organization, logging thousands (yes, we said thousands!) of hours each year to provide quality content and connection. Our team includes brand new spouses learning the ropes and sharing their right-now experiences with our followers, to those who have been at if for several decades, and have the collection of PCS stickers to prove it. 

Learn more about these dedicated, creative, empowered volunteers that bring you fresh content day after day, through PCSes, deployments, and all the transitions that come with military spouse life.

Band of Bloggers

Another important crew that keeps the content rolling here at Mission: Milspouse is our Band of Blogger team members. They too, are all volunteers to contribute monthly, growing our blog archives on the daily.

We have two empowered groups within our Band of Bloggers. Our Experience Bloggers are military spouses or former or current service members who have experience with all things military life, covering topics related to PCS (military moves, for the new folks), military lifestyle, deployment, overseas locations, travel tips, parenting, family, and more.

Our Expert Bloggers are those associated with military-connected organizations that are supporting service members and their families through this life, covering topics related to veterans, family, faith, volunteering, traditions and etiquette, career advice, available services for transition, home searches, and more. 

Oh, and want to join their ranks? We are always looking to add empowered military spouses (from all branches!) to our Band of Bloggers. Get more volunteer information here.

Board of Directors

Our Mission: Milspouse Board of Directors are a passionate bunch, with boots-on-the-ground military expertise and cultural competence. They are all about equipping and empowering military spouses, offering support, guidance, and vision to our Executive Director as she leads the Command Team. Our Board Members exemplify a track record of unshakeable integrity and dynamic leadership.

Their bottom line goal is to provide foresight, oversight, and insight to sustain and expand our organization.

The Mission: Milspouse Board of Directors includes current military spouses from numerous branches, a National Guard Spouse, a current active-duty service member, and even retired spouses.

Want to learn more about this visionary-focused group? Check out their bios.

Mission: Milspouse is a
501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

EIN Number: 88-1604492


P.O. Box 641341
El Paso, TX 79904


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