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There are countless relationships to balance in this milspouse life. Our kids, friends, neighbors, spouses coworkers, and of course,  our service members!

Relationships need communication, compromise, and the ability to adapt.  Command Team has decades worth of experience navigating these situations and share their professional and personal knowledge on various relationship topics. 

Some topics include how to have thriving friendships, raise resilient kids, have a loving marriage and overcome obstacles with others and yourself. We want you to thrive in relationships because, in this milspouse life, we need support and community. So, join our Mission: Milspouse community and learn how to better relate to yours on this page. 

Mission: Milspouse is a
501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

EIN Number: 88-1604492


P.O. Box 641341
El Paso, TX 79904


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