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Embrace Your Base – Baumholder, Germany

Mission Milspouse’s Post with the Most
Baumholder, Germany

Each month here at Mission:Milspouse, we do a segment that highlights an Army installation. We do this so we can provide you with as much information about a post as possible. We also call on you, our loyal M:M fans, to help us compile this information and give us a personal look at what life is like at each post. Look for these spouse’s personal comments in red below.

This month we are taking a look at Baumholder, Germany. Baumholder, also known as “The Rock” is located in the Western Palatinate in the German Federal State of Rheinland-Pfalz. This installation plans and executes force protection operations, deployment support operations, garrison support operations, and German-American relations. Here is what you need to know about Baumholder, Germany!


Major Units/What Post is “known for” (i.e. basic training, AIT, MP Headquarters etc):
Baumholder is home to the following units:

102nd Signal NEC CategoryGraphic-PWTM
16th Sustainment Brigade
240th Quartermaster
24th Brigade Support Battalion
317th Maintenance Company
421st Multifunctional Medical Battalion
515th Transportation Unit
51st Transportation Company
720th EOD
92ND Military Police Company
United States Army Garrison Baumholder
US Army Dental Clinic
US Army Health Clinic
30th Medical Command
Warrior Transition Unit
405th ASFB LRC

Name of Surrounding Cities:

Kusel, Germany
Landstuhl, Germany (30 min.)
Ramstein, Germany (30 min.)
Idar Oberstein, Germany

Closest MAJOR City:

Kaiserslautern, Germany – Approx. 45 minutes
Mannheim, Germany – Approx. 1 hour and 15 min.
Frankfurt, Germany – Approx. 1 hour and 45 min.
Luxembourg – Approx. 1 hour and 30 min.


“It rains often here (“Baum” translates to wet). Last winter was the worst winter the area had seen. It tends to be overcast and high 60s.” – Military Spouse, Allyson Williams

“Overcast 60% of the time and the other 40% is a mix between snow and sun.” – Military Spouse, Nicole West

Time Difference:
Germany is 6 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone here in the United States. So if it is 6:00 am in Atlanta, GA – it is noon in Germany.



Post Website:

None Found

Historical Facts/Landmarks on post:

Baumholder Housing Division – Building 8745, Phone – 011-49-6783-66137

On-Post Housing – Housing on base is limited – there are only 2 housing complexes

Off-Post Housing Guide –

“There are 2 housing complexes, Wezel and Smith. It is stairwell housing, as they turned old barracks into family style apartments. Most of the housing is in the process of being updated (now that the closure of the base was revoked a couple years ago). Most of the apartments have hardwood floors, upgraded kitchens with a dishwasher and American stove, and a washer and dryer in the unit.” – Military Spouse, Allyson Williams

Adult Education:

Baumholder Education Center – Building 8332, Smith Barracks – Phone – 011-49-6783-66484

University of Maryland
Central Texas College
University of Oklahoma
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
University of Phoenix


School Liaison Officer:

Location: Building 8743, 2nd Floor, Health Clinic Complex, Phone – 011-49-6783-66968


DODDS School District –

“There are two elementary schools: Smith Elementary and Wetzel Elementary; both are grades 1-6. The two schools come together in Baumholder Middle/High School for grades 7-12. Wetzel Elementary and Baumholder Middle/High School are located on Wetzel. Smith Elementary is located on Smith Barracks.” – Military Spouse, Allyson Williams


Smith Elementary School –
Wetzel Elementary School –

Middle & High School

Baumholder American High School –

Youth Services:

Army Community Service (ACS) –



On-Post Library:

MWR Website:

Baumholder Army Health Clinic –

Spouses Clubs:
Baumholder Community Spouses Club –
Find them on FaceBook –

Chaplain & Religious Services/Organizations:




Afrin Kebab
Café Dolomiten
Cihan’s Kebab House
Gasthaus Guthausmuhle
Hong Kong 97
Hotel Berghof
Hotel Westrich
Hotel Zum Stern
Landhotel Ullrich
Pizzeria Etna
Pizzeria & Pasteria
Ristorante Italia Pizza
Zum Stadtkrug (Steakhouse)
Zur Dicken Emma – Ramstein

“Do not, I repeat: DO NOT, leave Germany without having a Doner Kebab at least once – they are life changing. Stadtkrug is an amazing steak house & inside they have hung license plates all over the walls from all over the US.” – Military Spouse, Amy Matney

“ZUR dicken EMMA in Ramstein is delish and worth the drive since the food is HUGE, literally huge! You can do the EMMA challenge: drink the giant glass filled with 3 liters of beer and eat your plate of a 32 oz. steak plus sides or the full size burger which was bigger than someone’s head. It is a great outing if you want to par-take in the challenge or just get a good meal.” – Military Spouse, Nicole West

Best place to get your hair/nails done:

The Salon on Ramstein AFB
Many find a local spouse who does hair/nails – ask around for recommendations


Saarbrucken – Mall
Kik – Clothing store
Mall on Ramstein AFB

Must Do:

Kusel Castle
Beer Tour in Belgium
Military Resort in Garmisch, Germany – Edelweiss –


“Be open-minded. Life on “the rock” is far from easy–but we’re all in this together. Make friends, get out of the house, and make memories. Jobs are hard to come across here–if you are considering heading back to school (or wanting to start school), now is a better time than ever.” – Military Spouse, Allyson Williams

“While we lived in Germany, I didn’t follow a lot of my own advice & complained a lot about our time there while we were there. In hindsight, I would go back in a heartbeat, no questions asked. Every duty station is what you make of it – so make an effort to enjoy your time abroad and you will have memories that will last you a lifetime.” – Military Spouse, Amy Matney

“I can not stress it enough…..TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL!!!!! Bamholder doesn’t have a lot and it may not be the best base to be stationed at. One thing Baumholder is, is the great place to travel from! You can take the train to Paris in under 3 hours! (we went 4 times in our 1 ½ years there) Just GO, you will not be disappointed!!!” –  Military Spouse, Nicole West


“1.)  Be patient. Jobs are few, but the friends you will make over here are for a lifetime. This is Germany, slow down and enjoy it.
2.)  Nothing is instant over here. Don’t be so determined to finish all your “to-do’s” in one day that you skip over doing some research. Contracts here are usually for 2 years with the ability for the company to renew without you asking.
3.)  VAT Forms: There is a 19% tax here. But with a VAT form, you can have that 19% back. Head to the VAT office located at the CMR and pick some up!
4.)  Be prepared. Have a folder with everything related to the PCS. Every place you go for the first time usually wants a copy of your orders.
5.)  Ship everything with PLENTY of time (if you can). We only had 1 month notice to get here, and waited for 2 months for our HHG’s once we were here. If you can have your HHG’s packed ahead of time and bunk with family/friends–DO IT!
6.)  Get into the Health Clinic. They are working towards becoming a PCMH facility–meaning you can only see your primary care provider so a relationship is established. The sooner you get into the clinic (even if it’s for an initial look over), the less likely it is that you will struggle to get an appointment when you fall under the weather.” – Military Spouse, Allyson Williams

“Use the lending closet at ACS to help you with odds & ends (pots, pans, microwave). The government will provide furniture for you either temporarily or for your entire time in Germany.”- Military Spouse, Amy Matney

“Overseas isn’t America! Don’t expect to have all the luxuries you had in the states. Enjoy your time in Europe! Travel as much as you can, see new places, try new things. You won’t be sorry you traveled too much or tried something new, you will be sorry if you stayed on base and didn’t get to see what Germany and Europe has to offer.” – Military Spouse, Nicole West

For more information on what to do when you arrive, what to eat, do, learn, where to live, and travel while in Germany, check out Germany Ja.



  • M:M Command Team

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  1. Jennifer Weston


    I hope all is well. I would like to extend an invitation to visit our Fine Art Gallery located in Ramstein. We do Wine Tasting Dailey between the hours of 10:00-13:00 and 17:00-21:00, Monday thru Friday. We are located at 6a Kindsbacher Strasse, 66877.
    Phillip & Philippe- Photo and Painting Fine Art Gallery
    Jennifer Weston

  2. Bob Donovan

    I am coming to your location and am waiting my offer and orders. I was wondering if there are thrift shops, yard sales or others who are seeking to leave stuff behind for the next guy. I will be coming as a civilian.


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