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4 Tips for a Healthy Marriage While Homeschooling

September 12, 2023

Yes, homeschooling is a wonderful journey of love and bonding with your children. The ability to watch them grow and learn in a healthy environment is absolutely heartwarming.

As much as we love it, it also comes with its share of challenges – including the potential of a disconnect with your spouse. Marriage and homeschooling, is it even possible to balance the two? How can we keep both areas of our lives exciting as we handle the challenges they throw our way each day?

Let’s dive into some tips to help keep your marriage strong during the homeschooling years: 


Have clear and realistic expectations


It’s essential to be honest and realistic about what can be achieved when homeschooling. Narrow down the expectations so it’s attainable for both of you, communicating regularly about what success looks like for the family and roles.

Realize how much time you have in a day – don’t overdo it or expect too much. We have all been there where we think we can take it all on, only to realize we are stressed and no one is happy. Take the time to enjoy the little things and understand how much you can realistically accomplish. 


Schedule some time for yourself and your partner


You aren’t too surprised this is on the list, right? I had a feeling you’d think that. However, I have to mention it because, honestly, how many of us are truly giving our marriage the time it deserves?

Your children also deserve parents who are committed to keeping their marriage, and thus their family, healthy and strong. Schedules get busy but treat your spousal time as an appointment.

Schedule it in your calendar just like you would your dentist. Invest in your marriage with dates to keep the spark alive, even if it’s just a quick coffee. 


Take time to recognize and appreciate each other


In addition to taking the time for dates, we need to show appreciation for one another in everyday life. It is beneficial to take time to stop and recognize achievements and appreciate each other’s efforts.

Leave a little note for each other, grab your spouse’s favorite snack or drink, make them their favorite baked good, or craft a card just because. You can play a song to dance to while cooking dinner, tell your best joke, or even do a five-minute reconnect.

Verbally tell them things they do or what you love about them often. This will show you care, keeping your spark and love alive.

A large part of a marriage is staying connected, the small gestures have a big impact. Don’t stop showing your love for your spouse. 


Strong communication


It is important for any relationship to learn how to communicate effectively, especially with your partner.

Strong communication can help work through hiccups before they truly become a problem.

So, what is communication? Listening and responding? Yes, but there’s more to it. You need to know how to actively listen to truly understand where your partner is coming from to improve your relationship. Y

ou have to comprehend what they’re explaining to you, use critical thinking, and then respond. It doesn’t stop there either; follow through with your actions.

That step is important.

Don’t forget the follow-through. Remember to keep lines of communication open at all times and that both partners need to get a chance to express themselves.

You’ve got this! 

The joys of homeschooling your children and keeping your marriage strong are both important and achievable goals.

These four tips will help you and your spouse cultivate a strong and healthy marriage while balancing the demands of homeschooling and raising a family.



*For more posts from Crystal, check out her M:M Author Page or her Military Homeschool Podcast.




  • Crystal Niehoff

    Crystal Niehoff is an Army chaplain’s wife, mother of five, and grandmother to five. In 2000, Crystal and her family began their homeschooling journey, which Crystal now continues with her oldest granddaughter, Lexi. Previously a child welfare worker and former owner and CEO of Army Wife Network, Crystal holds certifications as a birth and bereavement doula and chaplain, along with degrees in child development and business administration. She is host of the new Military Homeschool Podcast on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network, created specifically for military homeschoolers. Join Crystal and her guests each week as they bring relevant information to equip you, stories to encourage you, and content to inspire you. An avid researcher, history buff, writer, teacher, and self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, Crystal and her family are currently stationed at Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois.


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