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Music brings esprit de corps; it lifts our spirit and joins people together!  With all its bumps, merges and winding roads, we hope you are enjoying rolling alongside your soldier in the Army!

After writing “The Charm of the Army,” a tribute to the Army wife,  Angie Dickinson was encouraged to write a song for all Army spouses, male and female. The theme for the song came to her while stationed in South Korea.

She was rolling along on a bus for a job interview when the thought came to her, thank you to the US Army.  The Army may have ordered her husband there, but it brought her there as well! 

Maybe it was the bumpy bus ride, but as an Army spouse,

Angie knew she was “Rolling Along with the Army”.

The song was co-written by Angie, her sister and songwriter, Renee Coale Willis, and Lynda MacFarland, an Army spouse.

It is written as a march and starts out with cadence being called, which we are so accustomed to hearing in the mornings from our military quarter windows on post.

That voice, calling the cadence is the voice of SGM Lachelle Wiggins, an Army spouse and soldier (former Army drill sergeant)! 

Male voices were added with the female voices to the final recording of the song arranged by Chief Bettancourt of the Army Material Command Band.

It was a great day for Angie in the studio,  singing with her sister and Clara Pride, a military mom. Angie has assured us that the songs are copyrighted and safe to sing and share, no permission needed. 

Enjoy a great Army tradition of song and singing together! See below for audio clip and lyrics of both songs.


The Charm of the Army 

Written by Pam Green, Angie Dickinson, Vivian Maheu and Renee Coale Willis; 2007

She’s the charm of the Army.

She is strong, she is true.

To her soldier, to her country, to the red, white and blue. 

She is spirit, she is soul. She is young, she is old.

She’s a sister and a friend for life. 

She’s the one and only Army wife! 

She’s a ribbon tied up yellow. She’s a blessing. She’s a prayer. 

She’s a neighbor and a teacher and a willing volunteer. 

She is hope, she is faith. She’s an open garden gate.

You’ll see it when you look into her eyes. 

She’s the one and only Army wife! 

Chorus:  House to home 

Coast to coast

Heart to heart 

Post to post. 

Through thick and thin, her legacy her life. 

She’s the one and only Army wife! 

She’s a smile and a hug. 

She’s a tear but she’s tough. 

She is hospitality with a heart that’s full of love. 

She’s a goodbye, she’s a howdy. 

She is shy. She is rowdy. 

Her heart is big and sure to sacrifice. She’s the one and only Army wife!

 *Back to Chorus 2X (Repeat last line three times and add “hooah!”)

Rolling Along With the Army

Written by Angie Dickinson, Lynda MacFarland and Renee Coale Willis; 2017

Hup 2,3,4. Hup 2,3,4.
Rolling along with the Army, we keep the flag unfurled.
Standing with our soldier for peace around the world.
Strong and true, side-by-side, Army spouse full of pride.
And it’s hup 2,3 with the Army.

Hup 2,3,4. Hup 2,3,4.
Rolling along with the Army, our family in stride.
Patriotic courage, we travel far and wide.
Yellow ribbons, tears and smiles, Army spouse doesn’t count the miles.
And it’s hup 2,3 with the Army.

Hup 2,3,4 march in time, orders move us down the line.
Wave goodbye, welcome home.
We roll on and on and on.
 And it’s…

Hup 2,3,4. Hup 2,3,4.
Rolling along with the Army, with our grit and heart.
Volunteer spirit, we hold down the fort.
Dedicated bravery, Army spouse serves willingly.
And it’s hup 2,3 with the Army.

Hup 2,3,4 march in time, orders move us down the line.
Wave goodbye, welcome home.
We roll on and on and on.
 And it’s…

Hup 2, 3, 4 march in time.

Orders move us down the line. 

Wave goodbye, welcome home. 

We roll on and on and on. 

And it’s hup 2,3,4. Keep it up 2,3,4. 

Rolling along with the Army… hooah!

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  • Protocol and Etiquette Team

    Ann Crossley and Ginger Perkins are the authors of "The Army Spouse Handbook," the go-to guide for the 21st century Army spouse. The 440-page book describes situations that you may encounter as an Army spouse, irrespective of your spouse’s rank or assignment. The book is not meant to be read from cover-to-cover, but kept handy and used as a reference book when you need to know what to expect in social situations. Michelle Hodge, a seasoned spouse, has taught protocol and customs classes and continues to be an advocate for soldiers and family members. Lynda Smith, the newest member of the Traditions and Protocol team, enjoys finding new ways to bring old Army traditions to life with fun and humorous experiences, a little old-school vibe, and a modern twist.


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