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Auto Insurance Empowerment

Editor’s note: This post is sponsored by QuoteWizard, which provides auto insurance quotes based on your zip code.

Exciting. Unpredictable. Challenging. Rewarding. 

Ah, yes. The life of a milspouse. This lifestyle easily encompasses the above list of words…and then some. 

Another word I would add to describe the military spouse life is “educational.” In my ten plus years of loving my infantryman, I have learned a lot, like how to always write important dates or “plans” in pencil. And to never forget to check his uniform pockets for those sneaky ink pens before starting a load of laundry. Oh, and I’ve learned the power of “ish” when it comes to sharing any kind of time hacks about, well, anything. 

But there are a few things that I needed to learn that didn’t come by way of verbal instruction. Things like how to adequately prepare for the emotional roller coaster that is PCSing (What do you mean they packed the toilet brush with the kitchen silverware?!),  how to read an LES (Wait—what does EOM, BAS, BAH, and SGLI mean again?), and in some instances, how to do adult things when it comes to finances and insurance. 

I never took any classes on how to make solid financial decisions or seek out the best insurance coverage in my previous educational escapades. The closest I came to any type of information related to those topics was taking an accounting class in college. (I managed to pull a “B” in the class, only because I had the chance to opt out of taking the final due to an ice storm that shut down campus during finals week). 

Thankfully, we don’t need a class to learn about doing grown-up-ish things like comparing the best car insurance rates for my military family. We’ve got a solid resource in our corner to make that happen. Forward march: QuoteWizard. 

QuoteWizard recently shared an article that covers all things car insurance, which included comparisons for military families and veterans. You name the angle, they probably researched it. This is excellent news for folks like me whose eyes start to glaze over when phrases like “liability” and “comprehensive coverage” start floating around. 

The info-packed post by QuoteWizard covers three primary areas of information: determining the best auto insurance companies for veterans and military members, sharing the cheapest auto insurance options, and of course (one of my personal favorites), military car insurance discounts. QuoteWizard conducted extensive research on five primary auto insurance companies: Allstate, Esurance, GEICO, Progressive, State Farm, and USAA. Their research wasn’t limited to only those companies, as some smaller companies rose to the top when it came to prices in specific locations. 

I don’t want to give away any epic spoilers, but to determine the best type of car insurance for you and your family, it’s important ask yourself a variety of questions. What is the important factor to me when choosing insurance? Price? Features? Discounts? Customer service? What is my current military status? Active duty? Veteran? Milspouse? ROTC Student? Additionally, the most bang for your auto insurance buck will be influenced by the state in which you live and/or are currently stationed. The research conducted by QuoteWizard found an average auto insurance quote for active military members to be as low as $39.75 monthly so digging deeper into their info could be a good way to save a few bucks for block leave travels! (Or a few extra CYS childcare hours during deployment…) 

Lots of choices and info, right? QuoteWizard has broken it down for us by giving us the tools to make solid auto insurance decisions. This frees up a little bit of that brain space to remember to check those uniform pockets for ink pens before the wash (and I’m not sure about you, but extra brain space in our household is a high commodity in this military family!) 

So yes, it comes as no surprise that military spouse life requires new levels of “adulting” that likely weren’t learned in previous seasons of life, college accounting class or otherwise. Fortunately, the information provided in the auto insurance study by QuoteWizard takes the guesswork out of solving the car insurance puzzle. By adding QuoteWizard’s research into the milspouse mix, we can add “empowered” to our list of milspouse life descriptors. 

Want to learn more? Read the entire article and all of the data by clicking here. You can also get personalized quotes on insurance by entering your zip code on the QuoteWizard Homepage. 



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