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Field Problem: Army Family Team Building

Dear, Field Problems:

I am a new military spouse and looking for some help understanding the basics of Army life. Is there any sort of class or something I can take to learn this information?

Kim; Fort Bliss, TX; Army spouse


Dear, Kim:

First, we want to commend you on your desire to know more! This is something you should be proud of. So many military spouses don’t know to take the initiative and personal responsibility to seek out resources that can and will enhance their lives and provide empowerment.

The answer to your question is yes! there are classes that you can take to help you get some answers and acquire some knowledge about your new lifestyle. The classes are offered by your local Army Community Services, called Army Family Team Building. AFTB classes are usually held on post and are free to the service member and dependent. If you’re a working spouse or a parent who can’t get child care to attend the classes, you can take them online here. For new spouses, we highly recommend the class so you get the added element of making some new friends.

What is AFTB?

Army Family Team Building is a volunteer-led organization who’s purpose is to provide training and knowledge to spouses and family members to support the Army effort. Strong families are the pillar of support behind strong service members. It is AFTB’s mission to “empower individuals, maximizing their personal growth and professional development through specialized training, transforming our community into a resilient and strong foundation meeting today’s military mission.”

How does AFTB work?

There are three levels of training provided. AFTB Level I will focus on the basic skills and knowledge needed to live the military life. Level II allows the participant to grow into a community leader. Finally, Level III goes into inspiring and mentoring others into leadership positions. There are even classes available to become an AFTB Core Instructor, should you be interested.

AFTB Level I training includes:

  • Expectations and Impact of the Mission on Family Life
  • Military Acronyms and Terms
  • The Chain of Command
  • Introduction to Military Customs and Courtesies
  • Basic Military Benefits and Entitlements
  • Introduction to Military and Civilian Community Resources
  • Introduction to Soldier and Family Readiness Groups
  • Supporting Your Child’s Education
  • Introduction to Family Financial Readiness
  • Basic Problem Solving

AFTB Level II training includes:

  • Communication
  • Personal Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Acknowledging Change
  • Exploring Personality Traits
  • Enhancing Personal Relationships
  • Team Dynamics
  • Personal Conflict Management
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Traditions, Customs, Courtesies, and Protocol
  • Crisis, Coping, and Grieving
  • The Volunteer Experience
  • Soldier and Family Readiness Groups and the Deployment Cycle
  • Introduction to Leadership

AFTB Level III training includes:

  • Communication Skills for Leaders
  • Understanding Needs
  • Leadership Styles
  • Building Cohesive Teams
  • Managing Group Conflict
  • Leader Assisted Problem Solving
  • Delegation for Leaders
  • Meeting Management
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Soldier and Family Readiness Group leadership


AFTB is fun, informative, and well worth the cost (it’s free!). AFTB provides thousands of dollars worth of training at absolutely no cost to the military member and dependent. All it takes is a phone call to your local post or visiting the AFTB website. There are several other training opportunities for classroom and online training as well. These classes will help you progress from newbie, to volunteer, to mentor in no time!




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Supporting Our Military Children

Supporting Our Military Children

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