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Field Problem: Rental Home and PCS

Dear, Field Problems:

I am wondering if you have any resources for people who want to rent their home when they PCS? How soon is too soon to start interviewing property managers and getting the advertising going? Thank you!

Kelley, Army spouse

Hi, Kelley:

I’m so glad you wrote to us with your questions. We found so many resources for you about rental properties and PCSing.

You asked how soon is too soon to start interviewing property managers. I say there’s no time like the present. You could take a month or two to do extensive research before you even make contacts, just to be thorough.

Here are some awesome resources that we’ve gathered for you from Army Wife Network and other useful sites:

  1. MilitaryOneSource: You’ll find lots of legal information on renting property.
  2. VA Mortgage Center: This is important information if you’re renting out a home that was financed with a VA home loan.
  3. MilitarybyOwner: As a military family, this is a great site to use when you’re ready tom list your home for rent to benefit other military families.
  4. Automated Housing Referral Network: A frequently used website for families when they’re looking for homes to rent near a military installation.

We hope this helps you make an informed decision regarding renting your home and finding helpful property managers in your area. Good luck in your upcoming PCS!



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