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Field Problem: Continuing Health Care Benefits

Dear, Field Problems:

I’m living in Florida and my husband is in Germany. He’s getting out of the Army next year. With all of the insurance laws and changes, does the Army offer any temporary insurance plans? We have a child on the way, and I want to make sure that she’s covered.

Shauna, Army spouse


Dear, Shauna:

I’m so glad that you wrote to us with your question about continuing health coverage when your husband separates from the Army next year. I know that it can be a scary and confusing time, even more so with a baby coming. The answer isn’t always simple, because there are so many factors that can make a difference in what benefits your husband is eligible for. Hopefully the following resources will help you find the answers that you need.

I encourage you to check out the Continued Health Care Benefit Program on the TRICARE’s website. This is most likely the plan that you’ll be eligible for (again, depending on your individual situation and the nature of your husband’s separation from the Army).

One of your (and your husband’s) very best resources as you close in on his ETS date (that’s “Expiration—Term of Service”) is the Army Career and Alumni Program. You might not know it, but as a military spouse you are eligible for services there too. The folks that work in the ACAP office are often the people who are most up to date with the latest and greatest in separation benefits and news. I know you said you were in Florida—are you anywhere near a military base? If there’s no Army installation near you, you can check out the resources that the Navy or Air Force has to offer.

TRICARE also has a brochure, Separating from Active Duty. It’s clear and concise.

And of course, feel free to join us and the rest of our amazing followers on our Facebook page, where our a number of military spouses and family members from around the globe are always generously ready to help each other.



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