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I turned 40 this month, and I am happy.

About 6 months leading up to my big day I received many questions on how I was “feeling” about turning 40.

For months I racked my brain, and honestly worried that I was missing something.


Was 40 going to be bad?


Was it some life changing experience that I needed to be prepared for?

Was I going to be like Cinderella and turn to a pumpkin at midnight on the day of my birth?

I did not turn to a pumpkin.


Instead, I was ushered into this new decade surrounded with overwhelming love and joy.


My husband and mom pulled off an epic surprise and brought my three best friends and one of our oldest sons to celebrate.

Each of my friends are from different decades of life. Having them there celebrating this new decade alongside my family really brought everything full circle. 


Each phase of life offers something new.


Time to reflect on the past, build on what went great, and change what did not. It’s about opening new doors and embracing whatever is coming next.

I feel like entering my 4th decade I have a lot of life knowledge.

There have been great memories, there has been pain, but most of all there has been happiness and love. 


Growing older should not be something frowned upon or looked at as a negative thing.


Think of all the amazing stories we can share, the experience to help guide others, and the knowledge of just how precious each moment of life is. 

I once had a friend who told me that her 40’s were the best years of her life. We lost touch, but I wonder if she now thinks her 50’s are the best years?  


Either way, 40 here I am…


I look forward to this new era, everything it has in store, and mostly to continue growing with the friends and family that I love and have been with me every step of the way. 



Editor’s note: We would like to wish Rebecca Dills a happy and healthy 40th birthday and we promise, the best is yet to come!



  • Rebecca Dills

    Rebecca Dills is an Army spouse of 13 years, an Air Force brat, and an Army mom. Born and raised in Colorado, she enjoys the mountains and cherishes a good rainy day. She currently lives in Charles Town, WV with her husband CSM Michael Dills, their 6 year old son, 4 dogs and 2 cats! She is an avid animal enthusiast and will quickly become best friends with any dog she meets. Rebecca and her husband have 5 older boys- three in Colorado, one in Georgia, and one who is also Active Duty. She has a bachelor’s degree in public health and works as a Project Manager for a D.C based hospital system managing research on mother and infant health disparities in the local region. Rebecca loves to write and engage in speaking events while sharing her stories of motherhood, Army life, and being an advocate for mental health awareness.

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  1. Rebecca

    Thank you, team MilSpouse! I am so grateful to be a part of the team and have you all there for the adventures to come!


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