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Hope for the Warriors

MMP Show #964: Hope For the Warriors

Founded by two military spouses who saw gaps in care and support in their own communities, Hope for the Warriors is constantly evolving to meet the ever changing needs of military families. The organization is striving to provide strength, stability, and a sense of community. This is further helped by the fact that the staff is all veterans and/or military family members.

The non-profit promotes overall wellness in someone’s life and they look at the whole family – the veteran, the spouse, and the family as an overall unit. Hope for the Warriors empowers military spouses through education to change their life roles to better met the needs of their spouses with their Military Spouse & Caregiver Scholarship program. Check out if you are eligible for the scholarship here and apply before April 30, 2023.

Kristy Warren has been with Hope For The Warriors since 2015 where she first managed the social media presence for the national nonprofit, to now leading the Military Spouse and Caregiver Scholarship Program and working as a case manager for Transition Services as a Certified Professional Career Coach. Being a former military spouse, Kristy feels very fortunate to advocate for higher education and employment for military families. After many military moves, including Jacksonville, N.C., MCAS Iwakuni, Japan, and Beaufort, South Carolina she currently resides in her hometown of Pittsburgh with her six year-old son.

Listeners, if you would like to learn more about Hope For The Warriors, you can visit them by clicking here or connect with them online via FacebookInstagram, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn.

Resource Recon with Chrissy and Sarah

This week’s Resource Recon is all about our blog! One of our latest posts comes from our Protocol and Etiquette Team, in their recent post titled, Customs and Courtesies for Traveling Abroad & Avoiding a Faux Pas!, they write:

In Europe, utensils are held and used differently, the fork on the left using left hand to eat and knife to the right; unlike America, they do not switch hands to eat. It is OK to begin eating when you are served at a German restaurant since they typically serve a meal as soon as it is prepared.

Unlike in America, it is OK to rest your forearms on the table edge when not eating, but not OK to put your hands in your lap during the meal.

Empowerment Patrol Report with Amanda

Today we are spotlighting our MRE team winner, which by the way, MRE stands for Motivated and Ready to Empower, Angelia McMichael. 

As Mission: Milspouse’s Partner Recruitment Specialist, ​​Angelia married her best friend and high school sweetheart, Bobby, in 2008 in their home state of Oklahoma. She has had the unique perspective of being both an Army reservist spouse (2008) as well as an active duty spouse (2010).

Angelia and her family currently reside in North Carolina, where her husband of  13 years works as a Civil Reconnaissance Sergeant at Fort Bragg. She is a full-time momma to four amazing, and sometimes wild, kiddos. She is also a “parent” to a rambunctious German Shepherd, Delta, and a sassy cat, Poppy. You will often find Angelia adventuring with her family and friends, or trying to sneak in a quick nap.

Angelia attended Rogers State University, where she obtained her EMT certification. She hopes to return to school soon to work towards a nursing degree.

Angelia, we thank you for your service in honoring our mission and for doing your part to empower families around the world.

Moxie Minute with Amie

Today’s new word on our list is grit.

Being a military spouse requires a whole lot of grit. It takes determination and perseverance to navigate the challenges that come with this lifestyle, from frequent moves to long separations from our loved ones. But as the saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going,” and that’s where our grit comes in.

Grit requires us to use our challenges as opportunities to grow and thrive. As Angela Duckworth, the author of the book “Grit,” puts it, “Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” And that’s exactly what we do as military families – we keep on running, no matter how tough the course may be.

News 6 with Emma

Here is this week’s News 6 mashup of stories for the week of March 27, 2023, straight from M:M News 6 Correspondent, Emma Tighe:

DECA Says Goodbye to Commissary Director

Bill Moore has announced he is stepping down from his role as commissary director and retiring on March 31. He has spent 40 years as a government employee and has been overseeing commissary operations for almost 3 years. Moore hinted in his statement that they are now working towards delivery options. Customer satisfaction has also risen since Moore took over, increasing from 83 to 89 percent. 

Find out more at military

Cruisin with the Navy Once Again

Tom Cruise is currently on the high seas with the Navy for the 8th installment of his Mission Impossible franchise titled “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two”. The details are still a bit hazy. You’ll have to wait a bit to see this new navy/cruise collab on the big screen, however, as Dead Reckoning part one isn’t even out until July 14 of this year. Part 2 is slated to be released summer of 2024.

Find out more at

Naval Mystery on the Outerbanks

The same day a house out of Rodanthe, North Carolina, mysteriously floated out to sea, a navy vessel washed ashore. The vessel was bright orange, 16 feet long, and had notes with a phone number attached to it.  This number belonged to the Norfolk Naval Air Station, approximately 100 miles north of where the vessel was found. The vessel had been reported as sunk, which is why the navy was not searching for it.

Find out more at

You can check out more of this week’s top stories here.

Thank You

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With over 159 years of military spouse experience and 68 PCSes under their belts, the M:M Command team is the ultimate Battle Buddy to help navigate Milspouse life. Powered by volunteer spirit and optimism the M:M Command Team could run a small country, but instead are dedicated entirely to the global empowerment of military spouses to help them conquer adversity, foster confidence, and thrive in this military life.


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MMP #1037: Homeschooling for Military Families

MMP #1037: Homeschooling for Military Families

The Academic Rescue Mission and Chula Vista Christian University exist to offer K to college educational opportunities to help rescue the most anxious, depressed generation in the history of our nation.

MMP #1041: The Milspouse Transition to Civilian Life

MMP #1041: The Milspouse Transition to Civilian Life

Anna Larson, the founder of Milspouse Transition, is on a mission to help military spouses around the world navigate successfully out of active duty military life and on to finding new adventures. They do this by providing tools, resources, information, and community to support every military spouse the way they need it.

MMP# 1040: A Follow Up With Ken Fisher of The Fisher House Foundation

MMP# 1040: A Follow Up With Ken Fisher of The Fisher House Foundation

In today’s episode, Lindsey Rauch our Deputy Director of Marketing, will share with us an interview with Ken Fisher, Chairman and CEO of the Fisher House Foundation. In his interview today, Ken will share the latest on Fisher House’s work supporting military families, and how to support military families beyond the military holidays. The Fisher House is best known for its network of 97 comfort homes where families of wounded, injured or ill service members and veterans can stay at no cost while their loved one receives treatment far from home.

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