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News 6 Mashup: September 26, 2022

September 29, 2022

Here is this week’s News 6 mashup of stories for the week of September 26th, 2022, straight from AWN News 6 Correspondent, Jolene McNutt:

DoD Launching Spouse Paid Fellowship Program

The Department of Defense is launching “a new program in 2023 to place military spouses into paid fellowship positions with corporations that can keep them employed beyond the next PCS move,” reported Military Times. The program is still in the planning stages and Eddy Mentzer, the Defense Department’s associate director of Military Community Support Programs said that it will be “open to employers on the national level, local level and anybody who wants to play.” The funding has been provided by Congress.

Space Force Announces Official Song

The Space Force has announced its official song, reported Senior Airman Jamie Teachenor, “who has had songs recorded by many mainstream country music artists such as Luke Bryan, Trace Adkins and Montgomery Gentry” was a key writer of the song and incorporated the Space Force mission: Semper Supra, Always Above.

The lyrics are: 

“We’re the mighty watchful eye,
Guardians beyond the blue,
The invisible front line,
Warfighters brave and true.
Boldly reaching into space,
there’s no limit to our sky.
Standing guard both night and day,
We’re the Space Force from on high.”

You can listen to the song on Dvidshub.

Be Prepared for Hurricane Season

We’re moving to the height of hurricane season, and if you’ve recently PCS’d to a hurricane-prone area, the Department of Defense wants you to be prepared. When a hurricane is heading your way, you may need to prepare your home, which could include installing hurricane shutters or plywood on windows, securing outdoor objects such as patio furniture, and filling up your vehicles with fuel. Inside, build a kit that includes enough food and water for at least three days, batteries, solar-powered phone charger, a flashlight, and a hand-crank radio. Get the latest hurricane updates from the National Hurricane Center.

Fat Bear Week is Coming!

Mark your calendar because you don’t want to miss this one! We are embarking on Fat Bear Week 2022. Voting begins on October 5 and the Fattest Bear will be crowned on October 11. You can get in on the action by voting for your favorite fat bear through a “March-Madness style bracket pitting individual bears against each other.” If you can’t wait until October 5, you can start voting during the Fat Bear Junior Bracket on September 26.

Fat Bear Week is more than just fun – in fact, it’s a way to celebrate fat brown bears at Katmai [Kat-may] National Park in Alaska. “For bears, fat equals survival. Each winter, bears enter the den where they will not eat or drink until they emerge in spring. During this time, they may lose up to one-third of their body weight as they rely solely on their fat reserves. Survival depends on eating a year’s worth of food in six months.” Rangers study and observe bears as they indulge in salmon from the Brooks River from late June until mid October.

This Week in History: Special Edition

 July 29, 2019, just over three years ago, I joined the Army Wife Network Command Team as the News 6 Correspondent. Sadly, my time in this position is over…I’m not leaving Army Wife Network, but I am moving into a new role! So I am here to announce a future moment in history, our brand new News 6 Correspondent Emma Tighe who is picking up where I’m leaving off. Emma hails from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas where she homeschools her five children, loves to write and sing, and has a knack for spotting relevant news stories. I think you’re going to love her.


  • Jolene McNutt

    Jolene has been married to her extroverted husband, Phil, for 14 years. He is marching towards the retirement finish line after 22 years of Active Duty military service with the Army. Jolene works for to help military families get connected with no cost online tutoring services (Kindergarten through Bachelor level!) funded by the Department of Defense. Jolene and Phil have a son in middle school who loves LEGO, playing his trombone and board games. They also have a weimaraner, Max, who is the most demanding personality in the household. He keeps the whole family laughing. Jolene enjoys traveling, reading, and making allergy-friendly recipes for Finn. Despite her introverted nature, Jolene loves hosting friends and family. You can find her volunteering or hiking with Max during her spare time. Find her on Instagram @jolenemichelle1. Sarah Robichaud Director of Administration


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