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Most of us want to leave positive footprints for our children to follow, something they can carry forward with them in life. One footprint that seems to run through our military families is volunteering. Where there is a parent who volunteers, there tends to be a child who’s either in tow or volunteers themselves.

In a normal year, military installations will submit hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours. There are Volunteer of the Month, Quarter, and Year and even service member awards. Behind all of that, there are hours that are never submitted or recognized, but our children see them.

They see the kitchen table that is covered in Family Readiness Group binders or packets for a project for Boy Scouts or pictures for Sons of the American Legion or a combination of all of that, plus an attempt at a little place for dinner.

Since child care isn’t always available, they see everything. My 4-year-old can point out places like our battalion without a second thought, even though Daddy works at the hangar. He knows to pack quiet items when I have a meeting.

I’m thankful they see this side of things, the time spent doing something for someone else. I saw that growing up and it’s left a lasting footprint with me, and it’s a footprint I hope my boys carry forward.

As the boys get older, they are getting more involved in other projects. They were recently selected to be the co-historians for the Sons of the American Legion Kansas Detachment and had their first volunteering at two Memorial Day ceremonies taking pictures. I was one very proud parent watching those two boys—4 and 5 years old—respectfully handling themselves throughout both ceremonies, taking pictures at appropriate times, and having an understanding, at their level, of what was taking place.

The day my boys were sworn in as co-historians for the Sons of the American Legion Kansas Detachment. Behind my boys is my dad, just sworn in as the Commander.

With those two, they are asking to help on a regular basis, whether on a specific event or just helping around the house. Their understanding at this point isn’t what it will be down the road, but eventually I hope that this desire to help others the way they want to now continues within them.

If you haven’t signed up to record your volunteer hours, I encourage you to do so. It isn’t about the recognition, but it can help your post earn extra funding for family programs based on the total volunteer hours that are submitted each year. All hours, whether volunteered on or off post, can be submitted.



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