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EYB: Fort Bliss, Texas

One of the most challenging aspects of the military spouse life is preparing for an upcoming PCS or if you get the chance, potentially picking a new duty station. There is a lot of information out there, and it can be almost overwhelming.

We here at Army Wife Network want to take the some of the guesswork out of the need-to-knows about duty stations around the globe. Hence, our Post With the Most series. In this particular blog, we will be showcasing information related to Fort Bliss, Texas.

Located at the foot of Franklin Mountains lies Fort Bliss, Texas, the hub of the US Army 1st Armored Division. It is the home of training future Sergeant Majors, as well as the home of the 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command, 5th Armored Bridge, and 93rd Military Police Battalion. The area always seems to be growing and changing, so there may be many more things you find when arriving at Fort Bliss and surrounding El Paso Area. Enjoy the breathtaking views of mountain ranges, the near year-round sunshine and the many things to do offered in the area. 


Fort Bliss is home to the following units:

  • 1st Armored Division
  • 32nd AAMDS
  • 93rd MP Battalion

Surrounding Cities: 

Closest MAJOR Cities: 

Names of Area Colleges: 

Weather: Summer (May-September) is hot. Winter (Dec–Jan) is mild. Feb and March are known for their high winds of 60 MPH or higher, which can sometimes result in dust storms and flaring of allergies. Temperatures are warm year-round, with typically low humidity. El Paso is one of the top ten sunniest cities in the world with an average of 300 sunny days per year. There is a potential “monsoon season” from July-September, but usually occurs in August. Average rainfall per year is just under 10 inches annually. Be prepared to wear a hat and plenty of sunscreen when you venture out into this sunny climate!  

Time Zone: Mountain Time Zone


To access the post website, click here

Map of the area 

Historical Facts/Landmarks: 


On-post Housing is managed by Balfour Beatty Communities.

Major realty/rental companies in the area:


School Liaison Officer 

School Districts: Fort Bliss, El Paso, and the surrounding area is geographically large, so the complete list of schools is beyond the post of this blog. Typically, you will be assigned a school in close proximity to your home unless you choose to file for an exception. 

On-Post Schools 

Off-Post Schools 


The MWR  team at Fort Bliss is impressive. They host events every weekend and even throughout the week, including swimming, art classes, day trips, fitness events, celebrations, and festivals. —Sharita K.


Health Care: 

Best place for beauty services: 


El Paso is a rare gem for restaurants. There are plenty of national franchise restaurants, excellent Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurants, and great tea and coffee shops along with budding craft/micro/local breweries. Most notably there are lots of unique hole-in-the-wall restaurants (new ones opening almost every month). For food adventurers, El Paso is a playground of experiences. All of the following restaurants are located in El Paso, Texas, unless otherwise noted. 

Unique El Paso Spots:


Fancy Dining:



Coffee, Tea, and Dessert:

Local Breweries (Great spots for craft beer):



With outdoor concerts, shows, movie screenings on the lawn, festivals, hiking, trivia nights, and parades, El Paso has something to do every week.

Major El Paso offerings: (Check out the El Paso Scene for to stay up-to-date on weekly events): 

Hiking (use Alltrails for tips and hiking routes):

  • Aztec Caves: A beautiful hike in El Paso
  • North Mount Franklin Trail: An advanced hike that takes you to the highest point in El Paso, at 7,192 feet.
  • Ron Coleman Trail: An amazing advanced hike with some rock scrambling and an up-close view of the “Mammoth.”
  • Tom Mays Nature Trail: This beginner hike has some beautiful views.
  • Tin Mines

Mountain Biking (Crazy Cat Cyclery has lots of information and advice):

Rock-climbing and bouldering:

  • Sneed’s Cory in Tom Mays Park: Includes bolted top rope routes and bouldering.
  • Hueco TanksInternationally known for its bouldering. It also has cool petroglyphs for non-climbers.

Running/Cycling/Swimming: El Paso hosts many great races and events to stay active. Almost every year there are a few color races, night races, and other events. Below are three special ones for the region. Check out Race El Paso for more races.

  • Mighty Mujer TriathlonThis is an all-female race featuring two distances. Race individually or as a team.
  • International 10K: Beginning in El Paso with a trail through Juarez back into El Paso, this a cool way to visit Juarez as you run the race. Please note: Unless military policy changes, active duty soldiers cannot enter into Mexico.
  • El Paso Marathon, Half & 5KHosted every year in the early spring. The weather is usually perfect for a good run. It finishes in downtown El Paso.

Seasonal finds:


Festivals (There are so many annual festivals and those listed below are just a taste of what Fort Bliss and surrounding area has to offer. Check out Visit El Paso Events and Festivals for more specific info.):

Markets (Most are held year-round):

Options for kids:

Las Cruces: 

Alamogordo, NM: 

Ruidoso, NM:

  • You can find skiing here in the winter!

Albuquerque, NM:


Army Wife Network does not promote or endorse these groups; however, we know they can be helpful in learning about various duty stations, so they are provided for your convenience.

Installation Facebook page: Fort Bliss, Texas

Military Spouse Groups: 

Buy/Sell/Trade Pages: 

Religious services: 


“El Paso and Fort Bliss have somehow gotten a bad reputation from military members. Whenever I hear someone complaining about being stationed here, I am truly shocked. El Paso is one of the most amazing cities I have ever lived in. The list we’ve compiled is a testimony to all of the amazing experiences we’ve had while living here. Not only did my husband and I love the events and opportunities in the city when we were without children (so much to do for married couples without kids), but we’ve been so impressed with how many activities are geared towards families and children. We’ve discovered the city anew during these past two years with our daughter. It can be uncomfortable at first because this city is a merging of many cultures (Texas, Mexico, and Army, to name a few). But if your mind is open and you are ready to experience something amazing, get out and try El Paso. Take the opportunity to learn a little Spanish (there are so many opportunities both on and off post to develop your skills.) You can also check out The El Paso Scene, Hulafrog, and Visit El Paso for the new and upcoming things in El Paso. We’ve seen the city transform in six years, continuing to offer more and more. If it’s your first time, welcome (Bienvenidos!) to Fort Bliss and the most amazing city of the United States. Go out, explore, learn, and enjoy all that this city has to offer. —Megan C., military spouse

“OK, I have to confess: When we got orders to Fort Bliss, I was not very excited. It wasn’t on my Top Ten List. Actually, it wasn’t on my list at all! However, from the moment we crossed the Rio Grande and pulled into El Paso county, my expectations were quickly overturned. This place is really wonderful. Not only are the on-post amenities fantastic (MWR is really on their A-game!), but the city of El Paso is a gem of the Southwest. You could live here for years and probably never run out of things to do: hiking, great food of all different flavors, and multiple festivals almost every weekend. Las Cruces is just a short drive, and, if you are like me an occasionally miss the greenness of non-desert atmosphere, Ruidoso and Cloudcroft are just a couple of hours away. 

Other perks of Fort Bliss: Despite what we heard, the desert is really beautiful. Sunsets and sunrises are practically a spiritual experience. It does get hot in the summer, but the fact that it truly is a ‘dry heat’ makes a world of difference (not like the sticky, humid, you-can’t-pay-me-enough-to-step-outside-in-July heat of other regions in the United States). Yes, you will need plenty of sunblock, and watch out for the ‘cranky’ part of the desert plants (desert life is tough sometimes, so the spines and thorns are a survival mechanism, not unlike the resilience of us military spouses!) El Paso international airport is less than 15 minutes from post, and it is a big enough airport to go where you need to go at a reasonable price, but not big enough to cause excessive stress or raised blood pressure when mobilizing your family to fly. Oh, and did I mention that cost of living is low out in the West Texas town of El Paso? 

I will say this about Fort Bliss and El Paso: It will be what you make of it. Be courageous to get out and find the hidden treasures of this great Southwestern place. It’s a wonderful locale for outdoorsy types, foodies, and families with kids of all ages. Honestly, ‘cact-I’ can’t believe we were blessed to get stationed at such a wonderful place that far surpassed our family needs and expectations.” —Sharita K., military spouse, 10 years


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