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One of the most challenging aspects of the military spouse life is preparing for an upcoming PCS or if you get the chance, potentially picking a new duty station. There is a lot of information out there, and it can be almost overwhelming.

We here at Army Wife Network want to take the some of the guesswork out of the need-to-knows about duty stations around the globe. Hence, our Post With the Most series. In this particular blog, we will be showcasing information related to Fort Gordon, GA.

Fort Gordon is an installation that has a lot to offer based on its location. There is always something to do when you are only 138 miles from Charleston and Myrtle Beach, SC, about two hours from Atlanta, and 122 miles from the historic streets of Savannah, GA. It is the home of the Cyber Command Center of Excellence and a major hub for Military Intelligence, Signal, and Cyber components.


Fort Gordon is home to the following units:

  • 15th Regimental Signal Brigade
  • 551st Signal Battalion
  • 369th Signal Battalion
  • 442nd Signal Battalion
  • Ordnance Training Detachment—Gordon
  • Cyber Noncommissioned Officer Academy
  • 35th Signal Brigade
  • 67th Expeditionary Signal Battalion
  • 519th Signal Company
  • 525th Processing Exploitation Dissemination Battalion
  • B Company, 303rd Military Intelligence Battalion
  • B Company, 319th Military Intelligence Battalion
  • B Company, 502nd Military Intelligence Battalion
  • 513th Military Intelligence Brigade
  • 202nd Military Intelligence Battalion
  • 297th Military Intelligence Battalion
  • 35th Military Police Detachment
  • Company D, Marine Support Battalion
  • Cyber Protection Brigade
  • 706th Military Intelligence Group
  • 707th Military Intelligence Battalion
  • 116th Military Intelligence Battalion
  • 119th Military Intelligence Company
  • 782nd Military Intelligence Battalion
  • 7th Signal Command
  • Army Cyber/Joint Forces Headquarters
  • Navy Information Operations Command

Surrounding Cities: 

  • Grovetown (7 miles)
  • Augusta (9 miles)
  • Evans (9 miles)
  • Martinez (10 miles)
  • Graniteville, SC (29 miles)
  • Aiken, SC (37 miles)
  • Columbia, SC (82 miles)
  • Savannah (138 miles)

“Evans is a township outside Augusta that was named one of the top 25 places with affordable home to live in the US by CNN Money and one of the top 50 places to live in the US.” —Naomi F.

Closest MAJOR City: 

  • Atlanta (141 miles) or Charleston, SC (167 miles)

Names of Area Colleges: 

Weather: You can expect the summers to be hot and humid while the winters are mild. Average highs in December and January are in the mid-50s. Heavy rains can come during hurricane season as the precipitin reaches further inland. Spring and fall are relatively short.

Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone


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Map of the area 

Historical Facts/Landmarks: Originally known as Camp Gordon, Fort Gordon was for infantry and armor training during World War II. It was the divisional training base for the 4th and 26th Infantry Divisions and the 10th Armored Division that fought under General George S. Patton, Jr.’s Third Army in Europe. It acted as a Prisoner of War camp beginning in 1943 for Italian and German soldiers.It was a primary training base during the Korean War for the Signal Corps, Military Police personnel, and Anti-Aircraft Artillery Brigade. In 2014, Fort Gordon was designated as the home for Cyber Command. For more Fort Gordon history, go here.


On-post Housing is managed by Fort Gordon Family Homes.

Major realty/rental companies in the area:

“Off-post housing is very affordable here, especially if you want to buy a home. The area has seen significant growth in new homes being built. There is an abundance of affordable off-post rentals as well.” —Naomi F.


School Liaison Officer

School Districts: 

On-Post Schools

Off-Post Schools: For a list of schools in your district, view the links above. The off-post schools listed below are for Columbia County School District and in the area surrounding Fort Gordon.

“Fort Gordon sits between two counties: Richmond County and Columbia County. Pretty much everyone here will tell you to put your kids in Columbia County schools because they are some of the best schools in the state. They are also very military-friendly and will work with you. Every time we have lived here, we have always lived in the Columbia County School District and have never been disappointed with the education our children have received. Greenbrier High School has an extensive extracurricular activities program and extensive sports program.  Lakeside High School, which is also in Columbia County, was named one of the top 250 schools in the United States by U.S. News and World Report.” —Naomi F.



Health Care: 

Best place for beauty services: 

Shopping malls:










Army Wife Network does not promote or endorse these groups; however, we know they can be helpful in learning about various duty stations, so they are provided for your convenience.

Installation Facebook page: Fort Gordon

Military Spouse Groups: 

Buy/Sell/Trade Pages: 

Religious services: 


“The Fort Gordon/Augusta area is great place to be stationed. There is no shortage of things to keep you busy locally. The area is very military friendly, probably more military friendly than a lot of other places we have been. Fort Gordon has one of the most robust MWR programs I have seen anywhere in the Army from indoor/outdoor swimming pools, riding stables, bingo hall, camping grounds, to an extensive CYS program. The installation itself has its shortcomings, but the local area and everything off post has to offer makes up for it.” —Naomi F.


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