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EYB: Fort Lee, Virginia

One of the most challenging aspects of military spouse life is preparing for an upcoming PCS or if you get the chance, potentially picking a new duty station. There is a lot of information out there, and it can be almost overwhelming, but not if you start here with the EYB (Embrace Your Base) blog.

We here at Mission:Milspouse want to take the some of the guesswork out of the need-to-knows about duty stations around the globe. Hence, our Post With the Most series. In this particular blog, we will be showcasing information related to Fort Lee, Virginia.

Fort Lee is located in Prince George County, Virginia, south of Richmond. It is the home of the United States Army Quartermaster school, the Army Ordnance school, the Combined Arms Support Command, and the Army Transportation school, among other things. It’s a location that offers four seasons, short drives to mountains and beaches, and plenty of historical cities and towns.


Fort Lee is home to the following units:

Surrounding Cities:

  • Petersburg (4 miles)
  • Colonial Heights (5 miles)
  • Prince George (5 miles)
  • Hopewell (6 miles)
  • Chester (15 miles)
  • Chesterfield (21 miles) 

Closest MAJOR City: Richmond (26 miles north of Fort Lee)

Names of Area Colleges:

Weather: While the summers can be very hot and humid, the winters are moderately cold. Highs in the summers will reach well into the 80s and 90s, primarily from June through August. December through February tend to be the coldest months, both above and below freezing. You can expect snow and ice in the winter. Spring and fall are mild, but you will get the full four-season experience.

Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone 


To access the post website, click here.

Map of the area

Historical Facts/Landmarks: 


On-post Housing is managed by Fort Lee Housing: A Hunt Military Community.


School Liaison Officer 

School District: Prince George County Public Schools. Schools, both public and parochial, are located close to Fort Lee. The Prince George County School System has been designated as the agency responsible for the education of family members residing on Fort Lee. Specific school assignments are determined by the family house residency. You can find these assignments here. 

Off-Post Schools



Health Care:

Shopping malls: Southpark Mall in Colonial Heights



Prince George:











 Army Wife Network does not promote or endorse these groups; however, we know they can be helpful in learning about various duty stations, so they are provided for your convenience.

Installation Facebook page: U.S. Army Fort Lee

Military Spouse Groups: 

Buy/Sell/Trade Pages:

Religious services:


Editor’s note: This post was updated in January 2021

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  1. Anna-Maria Conte

    I’mI’m coming to visit my USA MARINE wwho is presently going to school at Fort Lee. My question is, where would I stay hotel wise? For one night. BeBefore we head to her post in Camp Lejeune.


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Supporting Our Military Children

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