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Remembering Your Loved One this Memorial Day

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Being a military spouse is hard. Not only are you working around the government’s schedule and needs, moving around and being separated from time to time, but there’s also the fear that comes with it. A fear that unfortunately for many, comes true.

Many military men and women give their all to their service, including their lives. It’s a goodbye that stings a little deeper, leaving you trying not to hold on to ill feelings towards the military and your loved one’s passion for their country.

It’s a loss that is filled with both devastation and pride because those fighting in the military deserve honor and remembrance for their bravery and their sacrifice. 

And while it’s a collective choice you made together, when you experience the ultimate loss, picking up the pieces is a lifelong journey for you and you alone — to figure out how to grieve, heal, and remember.

The good news is there are a thousand ways to get through the grieving process and with Memorial Day coming up, maybe it’s time to figure out your next step in your journey.

From traditional to modern, there are tons of unique ways people memorialize someone who is gone. When it comes to their ashes, many are starting to turn ashes into trees or art or even using ashes for tattoos. But, no matter how you choose to keep a loved one’s memory alive, it’s a personal choice, just like the journey itself, that should mean something.

Loved One

One company that understands the importance of celebrating a life is Eterneva. With a focus on bringing brightness and healing to death and grief, Eterneva creates memorial diamonds from ashes that celebrate remarkable people. These cremation diamonds they create are an incredibly special and unique way to memorialize your military spouse in a way that shows how remarkable they truly were.

From the moment you decide to create a diamond with Eterneva, it is a collaborative and surprisingly uplifting process. From the start, you will find that it’s not about a sale to this company, it’s about the people they’re honoring.

You’ll talk to numerous people on the team, sometimes including the CEO, and be able to share stories and memories of your loved one — painting a special picture they can use when developing your diamond.

Small, daily reminders of that person, your relationship, the what-ifs, the could’ve-been thoughts are what tend to take over your grief. However, many customers have found that with a diamond from Eterneva, they can just focus on their loved one since they are physically with them. And, from the very first step of the journey, you are taking an action and step to honor the life of your loved one –– which deepens the ties you have to them.

Plus, it’s something that can be passed on from generation to generation. Pass on the diamond, along with the stories of who that person was and why they were honored with a diamond. Too often, we lose our family history and a memorial diamond can be a way to ensure that the history, narrative, and legacy are not lost to time. Especially with military children who didn’t get to know their parent well due to deployments. 

And, if you’re worried about the cost, Eterneva has partnered with Affirm and Accrue Savings to help you afford something so special. Just another bonus of support on your journey to healing after a loss.

So, this Memorial Day, really celebrate your loved one by honoring them with a truly unique reminder of who they were, what they did, and how much they were loved.

Head over to Eterneva to learn more and talk to an expert today.


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  1. Sharita Knobloch

    What a beautiful way to remember those we have lost. I love symbolic jewelry, so I am bookmarking this service!


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