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3 Smart Features to Set Your Listing Apart

Driving around our neighborhood, my spouse and I noticed a good number of houses for sale. With PCS season bringing military moves, the market seems busier than usual. While preparing to list our home, we’re looking for ways to make our property stand out.

With this in mind, we’ve already done wonders with the curb appeal. The flowerbeds are blooming, the trees have been trimmed, and the freshly painted front door should charm any potential buyer passing by. We hope that by making a positive first impression from the outside, we’ll trigger the curiosity of a buyer with what awaits on the inside.

Speaking of a potential buyer, we had a random thing happen the other day. A car pulled in, the driver grabbed a listing flyer, snapped a picture of our house with their smartphone, then left. This possible Instagram moment inspired us to think about installing an update in our home that would tie to a smartphone application.

If a home shopper is already familiar with today’s technology, it seems fitting to add a level of connectivity around our house. Incorporating a smart home feature could make our stellar dwelling shine a little bit brighter!

Here’s the scoop on three user-friendly products we’ve selected that fit the increasing demand for a smart home system:

1. Keyless Entry/Smart Doorbell

Typing in a code on a keyless entry door lock makes me feel like I’m some sort of secret agent! It’s also effortless to operate and much more convenient than digging through my purse for a house key.

After an easy install, this smart lock can often sync up with a Bluetooth network or existing security system. If you’re looking for a smart deadbolt device, there are several models, including one that ties in a camera with a doorbell. This smart doorbell takes an image of any doorstop visitor and sends it via text to the homeowner.

For our military family, having connectivity at our front door gives us an added sense of safety. At a showing, a potential homebuyer could note that this is a security amenity they haven’t seen at other homes. Additionally, this may stir the curiosity of a buyer, making them wonder what else is automated at this listing.

2. Smart Water Sensor

Maybe it starts as a slow leak of rust colored water. Or, maybe it’s a sudden 40-gallon burst, like an ocean wave has flooded the basement. Either way, water heater failure is a terrible thing.

Along with making a regular status check on our water heater, there are sensors on the market that can help us keep tabs on the unit. We’ve heard you can set up a gadget for water damage prevention with a monitoring package from a security company. Instead, we chose to invest in a smart sensor that detects any dampness and works via our personal Wi-Fi connection. This helpful gizmo could also work near a basement window where groundwater tends to pool.

Along with an audible alarm, notifications of an increase in moisture come through a smartphone app. With this device measuring the humidity level and ambient temperature, we can feel more at ease on a cold wintery night knowing the unit will not freeze up. Having an appliance with a sense of weather preparedness is a remarkable selling point for a property.

3. Smart Home Thermostat

When our kids are away at camp, their bedrooms are empty. When we host a family Thanksgiving, our dining room is packed full. No matter how few or how many people fill a room, sensors with our smart home thermostat can define what the household temperature should be. Not only is this amenity handy, it makes our utility bill much less daunting!

Granted, most thermostats today have the option to be programmed. A smart home system differs from the usual by the ability to fluctuate the temperature of the residence at a moment’s notice with a smart home app on a mobile device. For example, if we enjoy a summer day at the beach, we can come back to a perfectly cooled house. In lieu of spending a mint running the air conditioner when we’re away, we can initiate cooler air back at the house while we’re shaking sand off our feet in the beach parking lot.

Being able to control the atmosphere of our living space is a highlight of installing a smart home thermostat. It seems that if advancements in technology continue to enhance our lives, having a system such as this will be less of a splurge and more of a requirement.



Sometimes it’s good to be a little different from the crowd, especially in a competitive real estate market. Like I’ve mentioned here, when it’s time to sell your house, consider adding a smart home device to set your home apart. By installing a level of connectivity, your premium home can make life easier for a military family.

For more help selling your home, including marketing tips, hosting an open house, and more, download this free home selling ebook from MilitaryByOwner!

By Mary Ann Eckberg for MilitaryByOwner


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