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This holiday season, from my military family to yours, I hope you’re able to celebrate with people you love. Whether you’re celebrating far from home, making a dash home for a few days, or starting new traditions with your own family, I hope your holiday season is filled with hope, love, joy, and peace.

And in case you’re looking for a new-fangled holiday song to carry you through the season, I bring you a new and improved version of “Santa Baby” called “Soldier Baby,” sung (just for fun!) by AWN Social Media Coordinator, Joy Ortiz.

Click the play button below and follow along to the lyrics.

(To the tune of” Santa Baby”)

Soldier baby, slip a dream post onto the sheet, for me.

Been an awful good girl.

Soldier baby, so hurry home from training tonight.


Soldier baby, a four-bedroom home with a view, light blue.

I’ll wait up for you, dear.

Soldier baby, so hurry home from training tonight.


Think of all the time we’ve missed.

Think of all the goodbyes ending with a kiss.

Next year we could be apart,

But you will always have my heart.


Soldier baby, I want to hold you into the night, alone.

Send the children away.

Soldier baby, so hurry home from training tonight.


Soldier honey, one thing that I really do need, indeed,

to have you here by my side.

Soldier baby, so hurry home from training tonight.


Soldier cutie, I’ll help you with your uniform. My debrief,

it will keep you warm.

Soldier baby, so hurry home from training tonight.


I don’t need no fancy things.

No designer purses or that Tiffany’s.

I support you through and through.

You know I believe in you.


Soldier baby, I wouldn’t trade this life for a thing. Nothing.

You make it all worthwhile.

Soldier baby, so hurry home from training tonight.

Hurry home from training tonight.

Hurry, tonight.


Happy holidays, from my family to yours.


  • Sarah Peachey

    Sarah Peachey is a journalist from southern Pennsylvania currently living in the Southeast. Previous adventures sent her to Fort Polk, Louisiana; Fort Huachuca, Arizona; Fort Meade, Maryland; Hohenfels, Germany; Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; and Fort Stewart, Georgia. She lives with her husband of more than 10 years, three children, one very spoiled Dachshund, and a cat who leaves a dusting of white fur on just about everything. She began a career in journalism with The Fort Polk Guardian, an Army installation newspaper, winning three state awards for her work. Her work has appeared on MilSpouseFest, The Homefront United Network,, SpouseBUZZ, and Army News Service. She consulted for MilitaryOneClick (now known as MilSpouseFest), and helped launch the site #MilitaryVotesMatter, providing up-to-date information important to service members, veterans, and their families in the 2016 election. When not writing for military spouse support sites, she is currently working on her first novel while also volunteering as AWN's Blog Editor. When she can carve the time into her schedule, she writes about parenting, travel, books, and politics on her website, Keep It Peachey. You can find her on Instagram @keepitpeachey. She has a passion for reading, writing, politics, and political discussions. She considers herself a bookworm, pianist, wine enthusiast, and crossword addict.


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