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Show #693: Run the Race & Reaching Fitness Goals

First up is, Chris Dowling, director of Tim Tebow’s Run the Race, a film about two desperate brothers sacrificing for a better tomorrow.

During our second segment, learn how to reach your fitness goals from the comfort of your home with Shannon Klepac. Shannon is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach, and Wellness and Media Contributor at War Horses for Veterans.

The Medal of Honor Series, Episode 2: SSG Clint Romesha

The Medal of Honor Series, Episode 2: SSG Clint Romesha

We had been asked to screen the new Netflix docuseries, Medal of Honor, watching “Episode 2: Staff Sgt. Clint Romesha.” I specifically chose Clint Romesha because I’ve read his book, Red Platoon, and was privileged to interview him on Army Wife Talk Radio back in 2016, right around the time of his book release. (Want to check it out? You can find the interview here: AWTR Show 567: Red Platoon, A True Story of American Valor.)

Magnum PI Red Carpet Recap

Magnum PI Red Carpet Recap

There’s something about the glamorous life of Hollywood that makes most people beg for more. We want to know #AllTheThings and #MeetAllThePeople because, come on, it’s Hollywood!

If you ask me to describe the military spouse life, my responses would vary but they would be primarily positive (sure, I’m biased). I might say it’s informative. Challenging. Never ever boring. A great opportunity for personal growth. But glamorous? Not really in my top 10 responses to describe this particular military spouse’s life.

“12 Strong” Movie: AWN Goes to Hollywood

“12 Strong” Movie: AWN Goes to Hollywood

The alarm went off. My bleary eyes slowly focused on the time—3:45 a.m.

There are few things that will get me up before the sun: my crying baby, saying yet another see-ya-later to my beloved infantryman before a duty-required departure, or in this case, an opportunity to screen the new Warner Bros. movie, “12 Strong,” in Hollywood, California.

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