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PCS season is upon us, and I have the PCS itch.

My family has officially been at our duty station long enough to watch familiar faces pack up and head off to new adventures. All the houses in my neighborhood are emptying out, which means that my neighbors, my people who have become my friends, confidants, and my children’s playmates are moving away, and it’s heartbreaking in so many ways.

We all know that families will come and go in military life, but when they leave, we often question our own future. Now that half of my ‘hood has left, I can feel the unsettling, impatient itch of moving that military spouses have become all too familiar with.

The weird mixture of antsy and jaded feelings that come to mind when you’re in a duty station but longing for new horizons is called the PCS itch. I have a bad case of it. (Not to sound whiney, but when is my family moving?! Boo hoo.)

Of course, as military spouses, we know the military dictates every move we do or do not make. My family is currently in limbo, as my husband doesn’t find out until the end of summer when he will be accepted for school, and the next deployment for his unit is close after we find out the date of school.

So basically, we don’t know what military destiny is in store for us until he gets orders declaring school or deployment.

Is it frustrating? Absolutely! Our oldest child will start a new school, our middle child will be beginning school, and I’ll have a newish baby to be taking care of.

This limbo is complicating my life.

But, dialing in on the positive, I must remember that military spouses and children are resilient, and as always, our main goal is to keep our lives happy and as normal as possible wherever we live and wherever our service member is.

So how does one overcome the PCS itch?

Honestly, I don’t think there’s a cure, but we have to find a way to adapt and stay aboard the keeping-your-sanity express. Toot! You must carry on with your life as it is.

Keep moving along in life as if nothing has changed because technically nothing has changed. Register the kids for school, keep them in their regular routines, keep yourself in your regular routine, and keeping pushing forward.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t research your future endeavors. If you’re lucky, with schools most people know where that specific school is located so you can scope out the new state and find out about the new area or base. Teach yourself what may lie ahead but realize you should carry on with normal life.

Remember the expression: “Stop and smell the roses.”

Think of this expression while you’re at your current station. Enjoy the friends you still have left and make plans. You could even spice it up and make a new friend. Join a class or spread your wings by exploring places you haven’t visited near your installation.

Take yourself out and enjoy all the sights and places you’ve found along the way. Rearrange your furniture in your house for the millionth time or completely redecorate your house. Truly cherish your favorite restaurant or coffee shop.

Don’t take anything for granted because there are friends and favorite places you will miss. Live in the moment and treasure what is your present life.




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