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The Power of the Human Spirit: Feed Your Indomitable Force!

The human spirit is an invisible, non-physical force that defines our character in times of adversity. Amidst hardship, battles within our hearts and minds often determine victory or failure.

Today, we explore the strength of the human spirit, its role in winning wars, and the significance of the Chaplain’s role in supporting the development of an unshakable spiritual force within each of us.


In the toughest circumstances, the human spirit drives our resilience, courage, and determination.


Despite daunting challenges, it can exceed physical limitations and ignite hope, resilience, and triumph. As William James stated,

“Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.”

The power of the human spirit lies in its ability to shift our perspectives and amass more substantial potential within us.


You’ve got this – feed your indomitable force!


General George C. Marshall recognized that a higher cause and an unshakable sense of conviction will drive our nation’s warriors toward victory even in the face of fear.

 “The spirit of the American Soldier is fundamental to the success of the Army’s mission, and it must be nurtured, strengthened, and maintained. Without this spirit, there can be no victory.”

Marshall knew that American victory in war is not dependent solely on technology and strategy, but also on the spiritual strength of our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen.

Indeed, the American warrior’s unwavering dedication, bravery, and commitment to mission accomplishment exemplify the strength of the human spirit at its best.

This relentless force can determine the outcome of world wars, just as it can determine the outcomes in marriages and mental health battles.


Having spiritual support will help to renew a warrior’s and a family’s resolve.


In times of peace and in times of adversity, Chaplains serve as spiritual leaders, counselors, and friends to military members and their families, offering them encouragement, guidance, strength, and solace.  

In addition, Chaplains foster a sense of community and shared purpose, which is a force multiplier for overcoming challenges on and off the battlefield. We are stronger together, especially when we combine spiritual strength with spiritual strength.

By strengthening our spirits, we can tap into our most profound potential, overcome adversity, and emerge triumphant over even our toughest trials.


Put in the words of the Army, we can “be all we can be.”


The human spirit has the power to shape individuals, families, and nations alike, and Chaplains play an essential role in nurturing and strengthening the spirits of our nation’s warriors and their family members.

So let’s “be all we can be” together. Reach out to your Chaplain today. All conversations with a Chaplain are 100% confidential.



*For information on how to find a Chaplain near you, start with Military One Source.or The Military Chaplains Association.

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  • Jason Hohnberger

    Chaplain (Major) Jason Hohnberger is an Army Chaplain. He serves The American Forces Network as the Broadcast Center Chaplain in Riverside, CA. Jason married his wife, Melissa, when he was just a Private in 1989. They reside in Southern California with their son and two daughters. His hobbies include backpacking, photography, and playing guitar. 

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