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The Summer Memories of a Lifetime

When we think of summer, most of us instantly think of vacation, right? In some cases that might be true. However, let’s be honest, once you’re an adult your “vacation” time dwindles to maybe two weeks. 


Let me let you in on a little secret.


This might be one of the best things that the military has done for its soldiers/ families. Are you ready? 

They have given their soldiers 12- 18 weeks of paid maternity/ paternity leave. 

If you haven’t noticed, that is a huge deal in today’s world. My husband and I recently gave birth to our third child in late April.

Now, clearly we aren’t booking tickets to extravagant destinations, but it has given us the opportunity to bond as a family.


A Summer to Remember


As a military family, you sacrifice a lot of time away from each other whether that be for deployments, training events or schools.

Through our time in the military, we have learned to take the time that we can get.

Whether that be time at home, four-days, weekends, or their scheduled leave.

The first six weeks of my soldier’s paternity leave, we were a busy bunch. From adjusting to a family of five, visiting family, and attending weddings… we did not miss a beat.

My maternity leave eventually came to an end, which meant my husband was in for a treat.

For the next six weeks, he would be watching our three children under the age of four!

It didn’t take too long before he became absolutely stir crazy. SO stir crazy in fact, he thought it would be a good idea to purchase an RV. 


That’s right, you heard me… an RV!


I wasn’t totally against the idea. Matter of fact, I thought it would be pretty cool.

His justification in purchasing this was “We can create a lot of memories as a family.”

Although this is true, I think there was more to it such as he wanted a weekend trip with the boys.

summerSince we have purchased this RV, our kids have fallen in love with it and we have been gone every weekend.

I somehow convinced my husband the first weekend we had it, to surprise his family in Ocean City, New Jersey (8 hours away). 



Summer Memories were made, RV Style!


The Army often sends us to various locations and we are left to make the best of it. I encourage you as a military spouse, to explore the places around you wherever that may be.

Although you might not have an RV, there are definitely opportunities and places around you to create long-lasting memories.  

Yes, the military limits our time together as a family. However, use the time you do get to your fullest potential. Create the memories, have the fun, and (sometimes) spend the money.

Our community is living proof that you don’t need weeks of vacation to create the memories of a lifetime!


*Editor’s Note: The Team at Mission:Milspouse would like to congratulate the Schwartz family on both their new additions … Baby Branson and their new RV!


*For more from Claire, visit out Band of Bloggers.




  • Claire Schwartz

    Claire is from Fayetteville, North Carolina and has lived there her whole life. For now, at-least. She met her military husband in December of 2019 and got married shortly after in March of 2021. She and her husband have two kids- Addy who is three (going on sixteen) and Ava who is one. She also has another one on the way. In addition to her kids, she has two furry 70 lb dogs, Winston and Millie. After attending four different colleges, she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in public relations from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. She currently works at a church in downtown Fayetteville as a facilities communication coordinator. During her free time, she loves to spend time with her family and friends, host get togethers and take the girls to the park. She has a big heart for others and is always willing to help.


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