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To the New, Young Military Spouse

I know your story.

They’re all, of course, unique, but the blueprint is the same.

You fell in love.

You got married right out of high school. If not then, maybe a year or two later. Maybe your partner was already a service member at the time. Maybe they took that leap with their hand already entwined with yours. Maybe you were wearing the uniform yourself.

The one consistent fact is that the life you’ve chosen is daunting.

You’ll be called crazy and naive. You’ll hear horror stories.

But those stories are not yours. 

Sure, not all young marriages end well—especially in this crazy lifestyle—but none of those are yours. You and your spouse get to make your own story, with more chapters than most. 

People will question your decision. They’ll say you aren’t done growing yet.

How can you marry someone who may be completely different in a decade?

What about you?

What if the things that define you as a person change into something that is no longer compatible with your spouse?

That may happen.

But what if it doesn’t?

What if growing up together becomes your biggest strength?

What if all the growing pains and the bumps along the road can be shared and experienced together?

What if, 10 years from now, you and your spouse have grown and changed and intertwined into a better couple because of it?

If you’re a young military spouse, your challenges are bigger than most. It’s a scary, terrifying world at the beginning. You’ll grow into your own just as your spouse grows into the service member they’re meant to be. 

It’s a crazy journey to embark on, and many times you’ll only have each other.

While your peers are posting on Instagram about their nights of partying and living it up single and free, you’ll be praying for a 10-second phone call from the other side of the world.

While they’re stressing about which picture makes them look cutest on their Tinder profile, you’ll be fighting through military jargon to secure the things needed for a cross-country move. But I promise you it’s worth it. 

You’re a rare, strong person.

A young military spouse grows a spine of steel and a heart of gold. 

You have to forge your own path. Guard your heart and marriage well. Be each other’s best friends and confidants and the growing will follow.

It’s worth it.

Be proud of how far you’ve come already and how far you’ll go.

And one day, when you aren’t the youngest spouse in the unit anymore, you’ll see yourself in the eyes of a brand new “baby spouse” and tell them that you know the road they’re on and that it’s worth it.

It’s all worth it. 


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  1. Mary Lou Pedroso

    Beautiful Words Emma…Korey and you are lucky to have each other. “Behind every soldier, there is an even stronger woman who stands behind him, supports him, and loves him with all her heart.” God Bless you.

    Love you,

    Your Madrina.


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