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Travel Light with the Elvie Stride

Editor’s note: This post is sponsored by Milk N Mamas Baby, which provides new mothers, military spouses, and female service members with breast pump and accessories that are entirely covered by TRICARE. They can even help you get your own Elvie Stride. 

Back in April, Alika Schwartz, paralegal, proud Army spouse, mother of three, and seasoned traveler, shared her travel essentials with Army Wife Network. I loved her idea of hosting a goodbye dinner, and I couldn’t agree more about the necessity of capturing those fun family trip memories with photos. Today, I’d like to add my own suggestion for globetrotting moms: the Elvie Stride wearable breast pump.

The Elvie Stride is a discreet wearable breast pump you can take almost anywhere.

Photos courtesy of Milk N Mamas Baby.

The Elvie Stride is portable, innovative, and 100% covered by TRICARE. 

You may have heard of the innovative fem-tech company Elvie before. Their premium portable pump was all the craze on Instagram when it first launched. Elvie-wearing mamas were showing off selfies while they pumped on the beach, at the airport, on ski slopes, and even hiking in national parks. Unfortunately, the pump came with a premium price tag and wasn’t covered by most insurance companies, which put it out of reach for many mamas.

Elvie’s new offering, the Elvie Stride, provides all of the advantages of the pump, and it’s entirely covered by TRICARE for active-duty military moms and milspouses! It’s wearable. It’s lightweight. It’s ultra quiet. In other words, it’s an essential for traveling while pumping breastmilk.

What does “wearable pump” even mean?

That sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s a fact. The Stride’s two sleek hubs slide into any standard nursing bra, so you can wear them anywhere, and no one will notice. It isn’t just that the Stride is wearable—it’s discreet. A palm-sized remote allows you to control the pump. The motors are designed to eliminate noise, so you could, theoretically, pump at the table of a diner on Highway 90 without drawing a glance. You can even connect the Stride to your smartphone, which allows you to save your favorite pumping settings and track your pumping history. 

How can you add this travel essential to your inventory?

You aren’t going to be able to find the Stride in retail stores. It’s only being sold through select durable medical equipment (DME) companies. Fortunately, you’ve got a friend who owns a DME company that specializes in breast pumps. (Hint: It’s me!)


At Milk N Mamas Baby, we’ve got your Elvie Stride waiting for you. All you have to do is show up at our online shop and place your order through our completely hassle-free checkout process. As a TRICARE-contracted breast pump supplier, we directly bill TRICARE for your breast pump benefit without charging you anything. We’ll even assist with obtaining your prescription, so go ahead and get yours ahead of the holiday travel season!

To find out more about Milk N Mamas Baby, check out there website.


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  1. Sharita Knobloch

    This is AWNsome, Krisi! I’ve never heard about the Elvie Stride but how super cool. I will certainly be telling my expectant mama friends about this, plus your Milk N Mama’s Baby products. Thanks for your support of Army Wife Network.


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Supporting Our Military Children

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