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Winter Break as a Student

As a college student, my life goes a mile a minute. I feel like I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off during the week, or I have little to do on the weekends. It’s an interesting balance to have.

This entire flow gets tossed on its head once winter break hits. I didn’t want it this semester because I was having such a damn fun time, but all things must come to an end.

Many of my friends who are similarly busy during the college semester come home for the winter and they have nothing at all to do. These same friends like having nothing to do, since this time lets them rest and relax, but I am not quite like that.


I like always doing stuff however, so here are some ways I like to spend my time during my time off in winter, and maybe they’ll inspire you as well.


I’m a workhorse at heart. I hate being stagnant, and I always do my best to improve every day, even if it’s by 0.01%.

So if I can, I’m working over winter break. I got my own gaggle of part time jobs to do at home which helps pass the time, and helps me save for Christmas gifts.

It feels great to be home and making money if you ask me. As a student, making money is important as well. Whether it’s paying for tuition or just having money in your pocket, having a part time job is a great way to build independence and make your life easier.

It’s an article in its own right, but that’s a piece for another day.


It’s nice to have a ton of time off during the break to do some much needed catch up.


I’m a writer, and during the school year, I write alongside having classes and a job. When said classes are done, it gives me a lot more time to focus on other things in my work.

I can solely dedicate my free time to writing articles, working on side projects, and even getting ahead of deadlines I know I’ll have in the future. I have a friend who over the summer, he would study for classes he knew he would have a hard time with far in advance. Is this a bit crazy?

Yes, but there’s nothing like being prepared. Preparation is a great safety net to have, especially when you have a lot to work on.


I know some people, to put it plainly, don’t do anything during vacations like these.


Hey, that’s fine. I have a friend of mine who is busier than I am sometimes with all the work and extracurricular activities he has, and for a portion of break, he has nothing planned.

I don’t think that’s all that bad. If you’ve had a busy or restless year, there’s nothing wrong with taking some time off. I’m a crazy person, so I like being super busy all the time. But even I enjoy some downtime.

My part time jobs are very fickle when it comes to scheduling, so there are some days where I don’t have any work to do, and that’s fine. 

I feel like a lot of the modern mindset when it comes to making money is to overdo it. I see so many different videos and articles and pieces on the “hustle culture”. People working 24 hours a day with minimal sleep and taking no time to decompress and do other things.


Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes give into this mindset. 


I’ve worked myself to the bone at times, but even then, I still made time for things that I personally enjoy and even need. Whether it’s hanging out with loved ones, or taking time to indulge in a personal hobby, taking time for yourself and the people around you is important.

The holiday season gives you the time off to do that. I believe everyone should use that extra time off to spend it with said family.

You’re lucky to have one as is, so never take that time for granted. 



Written By: Nick Scagnelli



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Supporting Our Military Children

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