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A Time for Thankfulness

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how many things we have to be thankful for when the hustle and bustle of life takes over, but these weeks leading up to the holidays give me pause.

This hasn’t been the easiest year for me. When I lost my cat in April, a dark cloud seemed to linger over me for some time. I’ve had trouble thinking of her without sorrow even though it’s been six months since she passed away. My grandparents have faced some serious illnesses this year, and being that they’re both well beyond 80, it’s been scary not knowing what might happen in the future.

Despite these many difficulties, I’m still looking forward to the holidays.

I’m thankful for my family. When you’re constantly in a state of moving, starting over, and facing uncertainty, having family is incredibly important and vital to having some type of consistency in life. Throughout some of the toughness of our PCSes, I’m thankful for their support and consistent love.

I’m thankful for my husband and our son. I never knew how important two people could be to me, and they’re the most important people in my life.

I’m thankful for my health. I’ve faced some challenges with my health this year. I had my gallbladder removed at the beginning of the year and had a few various ailments since then. But, I’m  thankful to have health care and medications that can help me. I’m also thankful to live in a time with modern medicine and to have found health professionals who are open and caring with my health issues.

I’m thankful for the experiences I’ve been afforded. While having to start over is often so difficult, I always enjoy the chance to take advantage of the place we are living. This year we were able to visit a local farm a few times. I really enjoy going there, and there weren’t quite as many chances to visit similar places in the Pacific Northwest.

I’m thankful for my faith. It’s been a number of years since I’ve actively attended church, but I still speak to God on a regular basis, and I find great comfort during difficult times being able to do so. I’m thankful that I still have my faith and my beliefs and even more thankful that I live in a country where I’m able to freely believe what I do.

I’m thankful for many things in my life, but these are just a few. Though we’re headed into the holiday season, I think it’s good to reflect on these things year round, rather than just once a year.

It’s these important things that can remind us of the great things we do have, especially when life gets tough.

What are you most thankful for? Sound off in the comments below



  • Mary Spangler

    Mary was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana. She currently lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband, SFC Spangler, their two sons, and one cat. Previous duty stations include Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington, Rivanna Station, Virginia, and Fort Shafter, Hawaii.


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