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All the Colors of a Military Child

colorsAs we come into the season of Spring, I can’t help but think of all of the beautiful colors that engulf the world around us. We have the bright yellow sun that beams down on us as we take an afternoon walk.

We have the blue skies where the birds fly above us. The pink and purple flowers that fill our gardens and the green trees and grass that blow gently in the breeze.

Although all these colors captivate us, they hold a deeper meaning. As a military spouse and parent, we see these colors every day. However, they are shown in a different way.




When we think of the word yellow the word happiness almost always comes to mind. This color was brightened the day our children entered our lives and enhances as we see them grow every day.

It’s the smiles on their face when you pick them up from preschool, it’s the excitement they get when they win their first sporting event, it’s the joy they have when they accomplish a goal, and it’s the happy tears they cry when their loved ones come home.

We strive to see yellow every day whether it be big or small, but just like Spring, sometimes the rain comes and falls. Don’t let these days discourage you.

Your child is strong and you’ll still see the light they bring to the people around you.




This color is much more bold. The word that comes to mind is brave. The military does a good job of engraving this into our lives.

Our soldiers have to be brave for battle and our children must be brave to conquer the world around them. Whether this be your spouse being gone and your child is scared to sleep in their room alone or you’re PCSing soon and your child has to transition to living in a new place.

Through the years, you will see your child prove time and time again that they are brave despite the obstacles that are put in their way. 




A sweet color filled with lots of love. In our children’s younger years, it’s easier to see and feel this characteristic. They want your hugs and snuggles. They want to go on family outings and they enjoy getting chased down the hallway by your significant other.

As your child grows, you love in all the ways you can by being a listening ear, giving advice when they need it and directing them down a path to be the best versions of themselves.

The military lifestyle teaches our children to love hard and to savor the moments and memories they have with not just their family, but also the people around them.

They understand the risk the military lifestyle brings and they accept the fact that they might not be in one place for too long. Yet, they continue to be resilient and love hard.




How often do you see this color in nature naturally? Now that you think about it, probably not often because it is known to be rare.

Out of the 331.9 million people that live in the United States, only 1.6 million are military children. Military children are unique and sacrifice in many ways so their loved ones can serve our country.

They wear this uniqueness with pride and although they aren’t seen quite as often, they are beautiful and exquisite in their own way. 




When you think of green a lot of people tend to think about nature. However, the characteristic that comes to my mind is curiosity. Children are filled with curiosity. If your in the same boat as me, you will get asked what seems like hundreds of questions a day.

As my oldest child has gotten older, she has sparked interest in what her daddy does. When we’re driving she’ll ask if certain planes are military planes, if he’s in the field she’ll ask where he’s sleeping or when he’ll be coming home, and when I put her to sleep at night she’ll request me to sing what we call the “jump song.”

She’s then tucked away tightly with her daddy doll that she’s slept with for the past year. When you ask her what she wants to do she always replies with “I want to jump out of planes like daddy.”

Her dad is her hero, and I’m glad that her curiosity mends them together to make a stronger bond.


A child’s curiosity will always allow them to grow, just like being a part of the  military lifestyle. 


As we weave through the military lifestyle, I want us to remember that our children are filled with colorful characteristics. 

They always look for the light (yellow/ happiness), they remain brave in times of uncertainty (blue), they love hard (pink), they are rare in a garden of flowers (purple), and their curiosity sparks interests and ideas that will allow them to grow (green).

All of these characteristics combined, will allow them to blossom into a well-rounded individual and give them insight into a life that not many people fully understand. 

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  • Claire Schwartz

    Claire is from Fayetteville, North Carolina and has lived there her whole life. For now, at-least. She met her military husband in December of 2019 and got married shortly after in March of 2021. She and her husband have two kids- Addy who is three (going on sixteen) and Ava who is one. She also has another one on the way. In addition to her kids, she has two furry 70 lb dogs, Winston and Millie. After attending four different colleges, she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in public relations from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. She currently works at a church in downtown Fayetteville as a facilities communication coordinator. During her free time, she loves to spend time with her family and friends, host get togethers and take the girls to the park. She has a big heart for others and is always willing to help.


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