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MMP Show #968: Mom2Mom Global

Mom2Mom Global is a worldwide network of volunteers who support breast/chest feeding families and advocates for military families. Their purpose is to provide consistent, high-quality peer support through local chapters and liaisons at U.S. military installations, to increase access to accredited lactation professionals for all military families, and to provide a channel to raise awareness and solutions for the concerns of military breastfeeding families.

They’re committed to: maintaining the highest standards of accurate, up-to-date, evidence-based information; providing a friendly and encouraging atmosphere where anyone who supports breastfeeding is welcome and where each parent finds the support to reach their own individual breastfeeding goals; supporting and celebrating diversity and equity for military breastfeeding families and advocating for military and civilian policies, procedures, and laws that provide breastfeeding military families universal access to resources, support, and solutions to meet those goals.

Kelly Quinn (Bell) has been volunteering with Mom2Mom Global since 2019 and is the Director of Advocacy, Support, and Military Relations. Kelly has almost 24 years of service, all in the Reserve, and is currently enrolled in Mom2Mom Global’s Military Lactation Counselor certification program. Kelly has worked to change DOD-wide policies including the authorization of the lactation undershirt, the waiver to TB MED 530 that authorizes breastmilk storage in DFAC refrigeration, and co-authoring the white paper which led to the publication of the Army’s Parenthood, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Directive. Kelly has 2 daughters and works as a nurse care manager in the primary care clinic at the Des Moines VA. She also helps admin the Facebook group The Army Mom Life.

Krystle Wallace graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the United States Coast Guard Academy. She served 5 years active duty and 10 years as a reservist. She obtained her Master’s Degree from Union Institute University specializing in Human Lactation. She has been a Le Leche League Leader in Jefferson Parish Louisiana and Broward County Florida. She also worked as a Certified Lactation Counselor at New Orleans Baby Cafe. She has been with Mom2Mom Global since 2019 in various roles and is currently the MiLC Program Director. She obtained her IBCLC In December of 2021. Krystle is married to her active duty spouse with 2 children, one dog, and a cat.

If you are interested in learning more about lactation education, and supporting families, either visit or email with the heading “#PutSomeBreastMilkOnIt, I want to become a MiLC!” And you will receive a 15% discount off the general price to enroll in the Military Lactation Counselor certification program. No other discounts/offers will be applied with this offer.

Listeners, if you would like to learn more about Mom2Mom, you can visit them by clicking here or connect with them online via FacebookInstagram, or you can find a Military Lactation Counselor here.

Moxie Minute with Amie

Today’s word is Fearless.

Military families know better than anyone the importance of facing fears head-on. Whether it’s sending a loved one off to a deployment or facing the unknowns of a new duty station, fear can be a constant companion. But it’s also an opportunity to demonstrate true moxie.

So how can we cultivate fearlessness in ourselves and our families? It starts with recognizing that fear is a natural and normal human emotion. But we don’t have to let it control us. We can practice taking small risks, challenging ourselves to step outside our comfort zones, and focusing on the things that matter most to us. 

So let’s embrace our fears, take on new challenges with courage and determination, and show the world what true moxie looks like. Alright spouses, until next time, Moxie Up!

News 6 with Emma

Here is this week’s News 6 mashup of stories for the week of April 10, 2023, straight from M:M News 6 Correspondent, Emma Tighe:

DECA Says Goodbye to Commissary Director

Bill Moore has announced he is stepping down from his role as commissary director and retiring on March 31. He has spent 40 years as a government employee and has been overseeing commissary operations for almost 3 years. Moore hinted in his statement that they are now working towards delivery options. Customer satisfaction has also risen since Moore took over, increasing from 83 to 89 percent. 

Find out more at military

Cruisin with the Navy Once Again

Tom Cruise is currently on the high seas with the Navy for the 8th installment of his Mission Impossible franchise titled “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two”. The details are still a bit hazy. You’ll have to wait a bit to see this new navy/cruise collab on the big screen, however, as Dead Reckoning part one isn’t even out until July 14 of this year. Part 2 is slated to be released summer of 2024.

Find out more at

Naval Mystery on the Outerbanks

The same day a house out of Rodanthe, North Carolina, mysteriously floated out to sea, a navy vessel washed ashore. The vessel was bright orange, 16 feet long, and had notes with a phone number attached to it.  This number belonged to the Norfolk Naval Air Station, approximately 100 miles north of where the vessel was found. The vessel had been reported as sunk, which is why the navy was not searching for it.

Find out more at

You can check out more of this week’s top stories here.

Resource Recon with Sarah and Amie

 This week’s Resource Recon is all about our Ultimate PCS One-Stop.

Here at Mission: Milspouse, we’ve faced our fair share of relocations, DITYs, government moves, overseas stints, and everything in between. We’ve been there and done that, and we have the stickers to prove it. With all that experience, we know how stressful it can be. Packing and loading means moving all of your belongings—special things, irreplaceable heirlooms—and none of us really want things broken or damaged. While we can’t ensure there won’t be casualties of PCS, we can help you prepare to make the move a little smoother.

We know it can be a lot of information, so we have broken it down into smaller sections on our website to help you stay on top of your PCS. Visit to learn more.

Empowerment Patrol Report with Amanda

Today we are showcasing our Everyday Empowerment recipient, Stephanie Curnow, who was nominated by Amanda Krieger.

Amanda shares, “Stephanie opened 27 West with the intention to hire military spouses, and she has done so. As a military spouse herself, she understands the challenges that military spouse’s face with their frequent moves and gaps in their resume. She doesn’t see these things as a problem, rather she empowers other military spouses by seeing their talents and offering gainful employment.

By opening 27 West, Stephanie has encouraged me to shop small, connected me with military spouse owned and veteran owned businesses, and helped me find confidence through fashion.”

On behalf of Mission: Milspouse, thank you so much to Stephanie for doing your part to empower military families all across the globe.

Thank You

Thank you for tuning into this week’s episode. Please leave a five-star rating and review on Apple podcasts, then send us a screenshot of your review to or DM us on Facebook or Instagram @missionmilspouse to receive a special in-real-life gift as a thank you on behalf of MM. We appreciate your engagement and support.

With over 159 years of military spouse experience and 68 PCSes under their belts, the M:M Command team is the ultimate Battle Buddy to help navigate Milspouse life. Powered by volunteer spirit and optimism the M:M Command Team could run a small country, but instead are dedicated entirely to the global empowerment of military spouses to help them conquer adversity, foster confidence, and thrive in this military life.


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Monica Voicu Denniston is an active duty Air Force spouse and mom to three military brats. She is a first-generation Romanian immigrant who developed a passion for picture books while using them to learn English when she was eight years old. Monica has a law degree from UC Berkeley School of Law, where she currently teaches legal writing. She and her family have lived in Sacramento, California; Newport, Rhode Island; and Madrid, Spain. They call the Bay Area, California home. 

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