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It’s official, J is gone and out on what I like to say as a “paid work glamping trip”. I travel a lot for work as well, mostly tropical places with beautiful beaches and delicious cocktails.

J can never join on any of these trips and tends to tease me about how hard my job is, so I thought I would look for the silver lining and remind him that he is now on a work trip.

Just not as fancy!


I always joke that our house stays cleaner when J is gone on work trips, but it’s mostly because I have nothing really else to do in my free time expect clean. I am now using this deployment time as an opportunity to reorganize my house and embark on a much-needed closet cleanse.  

Since he left, I dove headfirst into reorganizing our house. With extra time on my hands and a desire for a fresh start, I approached each room with enthusiasm and a vision for how it could be  improved.

I researched various organization methods, decluttering techniques, and storage solutions to maximize. 


 Our closet stood out as a space in dire need of cleansing.


Over time, it had become a repository for clothes I no longer wore, forgotten items, and accessories that had lost their appeal. This is my chance to breathe new life into my wardrobe and create a space where getting ready each day would bring me joy. 

I started by taking out everything from my closet, creating a clean slate. I deep cleaned; dusted from ceiling to floor and vacuumed.

Doing that alone was exhilarating.

I could feel the stress release from my body as I went through the process of sorting my belongings into keep, donate, and discard piles.


It allowed me to let go of clothes that no longer suited my style or held sentimental value.


By donating these items to charities, I found solace in knowing they would find new homes and serve a purpose for others in need. 

officialWith a curated collection of clothing that truly reflected my style and brought me joy, I embarked on creating a “capsule wardrobe“.

This thoughtfully selected assortment of versatile pieces made mixing and matching effortless, and it saved me time and decision-making energy each day.

It was a refreshing change to open my closet and see only items that made me feel confident and comfortable. 


To maintain the newfound order in my closet,I invested in practical storage solutions.


Hanging shelves, dividers, and clear plastic containers allowed me to categorize and store items efficiently while keeping everything easily accessible.

Implementing a color-coded system added a touch of creativity and made outfit coordination a breeze! 

Having J deployed can be challenging, but it can also serve as an opportunity for personal growth and home improvement.

By embracing the deployment period and focusing on reorganizing my house and rejuvenating our closet, it has given me the chance to do something other than binge the latest Netflix series.

As I sit on the floor of my closet looking at all my hard work, I crack a Truly and think to myself…off to the next room! 



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  • Meagan Childers

    Meagan is a military spouse of six years, stationed in the Washington DC area who works for a travel company. Her love for travel and exploring new cultures takes her to different destinations, with the beach being a favorite spot for its perfect mix of relaxation and adventure. She believes that travel is an essential part of personal growth and development, and takes every opportunity to broaden her horizons. As a military spouse, she applies adaptability and flexibility to both personal and professional endeavors. By combining her passion for travel with her milspouse experience, she aims to inspire others to explore the world and create unforgettable adventures.


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