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If you want another way to connect with other milspouses, why not look for ways to SLAM with them! SLAM is a nationwide fitness group that is beneficial to military spouses for both health benefits and relationship building.

You know we are all about Solidarity this month (as ALWAYS at Mission:Milspouse) and we have a SLAM goddess on our staff. Our very own Director of Development, Chrissy Gibbs, has taken on a new challenge and she was gracious enough to share a little about her new adventure with us.

“I would be happy to help out, and since SLAM is nationwide, maybe I can encourage someone to join one of their local affiliates!”


Why did you decide your community needed a SLAM Group?


I decided to start SLAM here because the area is lacking any type of support for moms, specifically those that are home with littles. There wasn’t a stroller friendly fitness class, and we don’t have hourly care available to drop children off at the CDC, so everyone is just isolated and hoping to survive the hibernation period of winter.

I saw signs almost daily that it was needed, and decided to get things rolling to help those mamas out.


Why should military moms think about joining their local SLAM group?



Not only is SLAM amazing for physical health (since it’s a fitness group), but it’s so good for mental health and for building that community of support and friendship.

Our moms have face-to-face interaction with women at all stages of motherhood to ask questions and offer advice as we navigate the many twists and turns of parenting.

In addition, the children in our group are provided with organized playgroups showing age and developmentally-appropriate socialization opportunities starting at a very young age.

It is also a great way for military spouses who have just PCSed to meet new people!


What are the benefits of being a part of a SLAM class?


I think the physical and mental benefits of working out are obvious, but not always motivating enough. A lot of times people hear about SLAM from a friend and get scared to try it out because they think they aren’t fit enough to start.

I think it’s important to just show up. SLAM caters to all different fitness abilities (especially since it focuses on pregnant and postpartum mamas), and makes it feel like you don’t have to be an “athlete” to work out.

It’s important to dive in right when you arrive in order to truly feel settled in an area, and comfortable. Plus, it always helps to know who you can call in an emergency.

When you move frequently (especially overseas), you learn that you don’t have your natural support system (family) nearby, and you have to make efforts on your own to create that.

SLAM can help make the transition a bit easier and a lot more fun!




*You can read more about Chrissy and her SLAM group at ChrissySLAMGRAF, or you can reach the SLAM Mothership Here.




  • Kathleen Palmer

    Kathleen is an educator and project seeker from Texas. In her 25 years as an Army wife, Kathleen has taught and coached in six different states and Germany. Kathleen has a big heart for both Army families and soldiers having served as a Soldier for Life counselor in both Germany and Korea. Her favorite part of Army life is her acquired community of battle buddies! Kathleen loves words (both speaking and writing them) and has contributed to AWN, NMFA, The Fort Hood Sentinel, The Army Spouse Handbook, Inside Abu Ghraib, Memoirs of Two US Military Intelligence Officers, and The Army War College at Carlisle. Her favorite writing piece about being an Army wife is “The Lady in the Grey Suit” which was published in 2015 in Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors (Vol.3). You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, or on her website, Life Is Messy, Love Big. Just like Kathleen, the site is a WORK in Progress! She also currently serves as Mission: Milspouse Director of Content.


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