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MMP #984: Kayla Moreno – Multiple Sclerosis

On today’s show, we’re pumped to share an interview conducted by our Director of Marketing, Annie Pearce. Annie will be interviewing and chatting with Kayla Moreno, an inspiring military spouse currently living in Hawaii, mom of three, and recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Listeners, if you would like to connect with Kayla, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok through her handle @Kayla_Unstable.

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Resource Recon with Chrissy and Sarah

This week’s Resource Recon comes from our band of bloggers. “WORTHY OF A HAND CARRY” by Sheila Rupp she writes:

I don’t actually remember the purchase, but I do remember the occasion.  It was my husband’s prom and I wanted to wear something special in my hair.  I’m almost certain they were purchased at Claire’s, as was most jewelry in the 90s. 

Almost 25 years ago, a hairdresser tucked those hairpins securely into my French twist.

The next year, I wore them again to my senior prom. The year after, I wore them with a shiny black dress to my very first ROTC Dining Out. Same boy, same pins.  And without even consciously deciding it, thus began a tradition.

Those hairpins have been with me on every single formal occasion in our history, and they’ve made appearances at not-so-formal occasions, too. Countless military balls, dining outs, award banquets, anniversaries, and industry dinners. I wore them at our wedding. 

As my daughter placed them into my hair that day, she asked if someday, I’d wear them to her wedding.

I smiled that same knowing smile. Yes, they’ll be there then, too.

As military families, our lives are often filled with unpredictability.

Perhaps that’s why these pins hold such a special place in my heart. When I see them, or even just think about them, memories flash through my mind. I’m sure they cost no more than six or seven dollars, but today they are a priceless treasure.

This blog really makes you think about those little things that aren’t worth the high value list but are worth the time and effort it takes to pack away safely in your car.  

Empowerment Patrol Report with Amanda

Today we are showcasing our Everyday Empowerment recipient, Sergio Rodriguez.

As Armed Forces Insurance 2022 Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay Military Spouse of the Year, Sergio is an advocate for those that are afraid to speak up. He shares that he advocates for those that do not have the knowledge to speak up and for those that are seeking assistance and hit brick walls. His advocacy is truly meant to provide knowledge and support. 

Sergio’s military story begins with being a male milspouse. He shares, “I’ve learned the true definition of resiliency. It’s a different world for us as spouses, we don’t get the invitation to play dates at the park, girls night, or other functions. Sometimes, the social media groups are labeled “wives” and we aren’t allowed entry. I decided I wanted to become part of the team and that’s what I did. In 2016 I became the President of The USS BOXER’s FRG.” Sergio goes on to share that “I’ve come to the realization that I truly enjoy serving my community. I’m fortunate enough to have the ability to help others and I will not hesitate to do so. I believe if you help support your community, your community will prosper.”

On behalf of Mission: Milspouse, thank you so much to Sergio for doing your part to empower military families all across the globe.

Moxie Minute with Amie

Today’s word is Fearless. Military families know better than anyone the importance of facing fears head-on. Whether it’s sending a loved one off to a deployment or facing the unknowns of a new duty station, fear can be a constant companion. But it’s also an opportunity to demonstrate true moxie.

As Helen Keller once said, “Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” We have actually used this quote often over the years with our 3 children over the years, and it really has helped them to seek the adventures in our military life.

So how can we cultivate fearlessness in ourselves and our families? It starts with recognizing that fear is a natural and normal human emotion. But we don’t have to let it control us. We can practice taking small risks, challenging ourselves to step outside our comfort zones, and focusing on the things that matter most to us. For some it can be driving around a new post or base on their own for the first time. For others it can be meeting new people, encouraging others that are new to milspouse life, or going to the commissary on payday weekend. Lots of things we can be out there trying. 

So let’s embrace our fears, take on new challenges with courage and determination, and show the world what true moxie looks like. Alright spouses, until next time, Moxie Up!

News 6 with Emma

Here is this week’s News 6 mashup of stories for the week of June 5, 2023, straight from M:M News 6 Correspondent, Emma Tighe:

Fort Moore Soldier Saves Toddler 

For anyone who has been to Fort Moore, previously known as Fort Benning, it is common knowledge that the roaring Chattahoochee river can turn from fun to terrifying in a second.

A local family found this out the hard way when they were peacefully spending time together on some rocks near the Georgia Power Dam.  The dam opened its gates and the family’s three year old girl and her father were suddenly swept into the river.  Matthew Cole, a brand new private from Fort Moore, saw the family in distress. He jumped over the railing and was able to grab the pair one by one and bring them to shore. EMS was called and they were able to rescue everyone still stranded on the rocks.

Cole spoke to local news crew on how to avoid being in the same situation.  “Definitely situational awareness is a big thing. Like anything and then moving with a purpose. Like I said, they were moving too slow to get out of the water fast enough. So moving with a purpose, and they instill that in you during basic training,” said Cole

“I was just happy that I was there. You know, if I wasn’t there, these guys are good (Columbus Fire & EMS Water Rescue), but if they would have gotten swept away, I don’t know if they would have gotten there in time, so I’m just glad I was there,” said Cole.

We’re happy you were there too, private! I’d say your military career is off to a promising start!

Find out more at

Space Force Closer to Jetting Down and Settling in at Colorado 

It has been the tussle of the states over where the permanent headquarters of the Space Force in recent years, with the temporary HQ residing in Colorado Springs. And now it looks like it just might stay there.  The other big contender has been Huntsville, Alabama, where a branch of NASA already resides.

President Biden was recently in Colorado to speak at the Air Force academy graduation and senator Michael Bennet to the opportunity to issue a statement that read:

“As President Biden and his administration near a final basing decision for Space Command, we urge them to restore the integrity of this process and make a decision in the interest of our national security — to keep Space Command in Colorado Springs.”

The Air Force academy has already added a space force curriculum and commissions space force cadets alongside their Air Force comrades.

“Colorado Springs continues to prove itself as the premier location for our nation’s space defense operations,” Colorado Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn said in a statement announcing the selection.  If this high stakes decision of headquarters was not enough to keep them busy, they space force announced permanent homes for two new mission this week as well: one in New Mexico and one in Florida.

I for one think Colorado is the perfect home for the Space Force. If they can’t actually go to space the thin air of the Centennial State can certainly help them pretend!

Find out more at

Trails of Purpose Makes a Way for Military Mental Health

A Chesapeake Bay Horse non profit called Trails of Purpose is expanding to a new facility.  This organization connects the military community to the equestrian. It felt the need to grow to accommodate the forever growing mental health needs of the military community.  Because they are located in the middle one of the largest military communities, the need for growth came quickly and urgently.

“Just look at the news,” said Kayla Arestivo, the non profits co founder. “Military mental health — Department of Defense mental health — is overrun right now. It is not well supported or billeted.”

“We’ve doubled our service members every year since we’ve been in existence,” Arestivo said. “I have had chiefs call me and say, ‘Nobody’s picking up the phone, Portsmouth is overrun and I have got this kid.’ And they literally drive the sailor out to us. That is the need.”

The organization uses horses to supplement therapy and psychotherapy. The patients get to handle and bond with the horses.  30 volunteers went out to the new location and were able to clear the land and make it a home for their horses and the military community.

“If you need a place just get out of the city on the weekends, we have that. If you want to just get out and be amongst nature with horses, without horses, or just sit over there and have lunch and let your kids play,” Ricky Bledsoe, a board member and retired navy CW3, said. “It is somewhere to totally relax, for you to just withdraw from the overwhelming stuff of reality for a little bit.

Trails of purpose serves around 100 families a week in individual, family, and group sessions. It is a free program and does not need to report to a soldier’s chain of command if they use the facility. The only time they will be contacted is if they are a threat to themselves or others. By opening this larger facility there is hope that the waitlist will go down and more families can be reached.

“I would love for people to understand the value in civilian counselors for the military,” Arestivo said. “Maybe we don’t need to report everything back to TRICARE. Maybe people can just go and talk about what’s going on with them and it doesn’t have to be reported to the command.”

The organization is also able to now hire three new licensed therapists and lease seven new horses.

Hoofs off to you, trails of purpose! We hope your newest endeavor gallops into success!

Find out more at

This Day in History:

On June 12 1987, Ronald Regan delivered his most famous of speeches, the Berlin Wall Speech.

While you may not remember the speech in its entirety, his utterance of “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” Is as ingrained in United States culture as apple pie. It was an appeal for Mikyail Gorbachev, the USSRs prime minister, to tear down the wall that split the city of Berlin, and Europe, into east and west since 1961.

Regans presence in the City of Berlin was an uneasy one. 50,000 people had protested his arrival the day before and it saw the largest police deployment in the city’s history since WW2.

About the protests Regan said: “I wonder if they ever asked themselves that if they should have the kind of government they apparently seek, no one would ever be able to do what they are doing again”. Most of the president’s staff advised against such a political speech, worried about the end of the cordial relationship that Regan and Gorbachev shared. But the president insisted the line be kept in.

While we can’t credit his speech to the end of The USSR, the wall did indeed come down just two years later and Berlin and the rest of Europe were United once more.

You can check out more of this week’s top stories here.

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