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News 6

News 6 for the Week of April 3

April 5, 2023

Howdy y’all and buckle up for this weeks News 6 update 


New Initiatives for the Military Family


In an attempt to combat ever rising cost of living, the DOD has released initiatives to help with the financial burdens facing our military families.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin released a plan of attack to lower the cost of childcare and help spouses get back into the workforce.

This plan includes universal pre-kindergarten at Department of Defense Education Activity Schools in the next five years and flexible spending accounts for child care expenses, allowing service members to set aside 5000 pre tax dollars.

Austin wrote in a memo that:

“It is the Department’s ongoing moral duty to spare our outstanding people stress and struggle on the homefront where we can — and to show our service members and civilian employees how much they mean to us with tangible support that makes a genuine difference in their lives,” 

He said he plans to have universal Pre K in all DODEA schools in the next five years, but that plan lies contingent with congress approving the 90 million dollar budget.

O3 and E6 spouses also received good news, they are now included in the eligibility requirements for the DoD’s My Career Advancement Account or MYCAA, which grants up to 4,000 dollars to spouses pursuing degrees. 

“Data shows that the first cohort of spouses who used this benefit were more likely to be employed and earn more compared to those who did not participate,” Austin wrote.

As a final announcement, the memo states that the DOD has been given a 90 day deadline to improve EFMP (exceptional family member program) initiatives, including standardizing enrollment and disenrollment, making sure all members are contacted at least once a year, requiring the service secretaries to submit quarterly data on their EFMP programs, and assign EFMP families a specialty consultant.

While we are all feeling the squeeze of these economic hardships, it’s nice to know that the DOD has our back!

Find out more at


DECA Goes Purple for Military Children



The month of the military child is in full swing, and the commissary is calling of its tiniest customers to partake in a fun contest!

“Commissaries are proud to honor our youngest heroes during April, the Month of the Military Child,” said Marine Sgt. Maj. Michael R. Saucedo, the senior enlisted advisor to the DeCA director.

“Whether it’s special drawing contests or exclusive savings on nutritious products to help their development, we are here for our military children.”

DECA is hosting an art contest for little artists pre k through 12 to show off their skills, win some kinder eggs, and celebrate the month that is all about them.

The contest is titled “The World We Travel” and kiddos are encouraged to make a piece portraying their favorite place the military has taken their family. One winner from each commissary will be selected in three categories pre-kinder to 4th grade, 5th to 8th grades and 9th to 12th grades.

To enter, grab a form at the commissary guest services desk or go online at will be accepted from the first day of April to the last.

Happy drawing, kiddos! Make sure to add a splash of purple to your masterpieces as a nod to our favorite month of the year!

Blue Angel Flies High Over Glass Ceiling 


Look out boys, there’s a new angel in blue! Lt. Amanda Lee has joined the naval blue angels, being the first woman to earn a coveted spot on the show team.

“We had an overwhelming number of applicants from all over the globe,” said Capt. Brian Kesselring, the former commanding officer and flight leader of the Blue Angels. “We look forward to passing on the torch and watching the incredible things this team will accomplish in 2023.”

She is one of six pilots on the team, having just completed five months of training with other rookie Lt. Cmdr. Thomas Zimmerman.

Lee, who will go by the call sign “Stalin”, has quite the resume under her belt. She enlisted in the navy in 2007 and earned her commission in 2013. She has served in two combat deployments on the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman.

The theme of this year’s show is “50 years of women in naval aviation.”  A released navy statement says 

“In 2023, we reflect on our Naval Aviation history and pay tribute to all of our women Naval Aviators and all those who have come after them,” a Navy release states. “In 1973, the first eight women began flight school in Pensacola, and one year later six of those women –– “The First Six” –– earned their Wings of Gold.


“Today, our women aviators project power from the sea and in every type, model, and series aircraft,” it continues. “They fly and fight in all strike missions, hunt submarines, protect the integrity of our nuclear triad, supply essential cargo and personnel to every corner of the globe, and rescue those in distress at sea and ashore.”

Find out more at military

Fly high, Blue Angels! Sound isn’t the only barrier you’re capable of breaking!

Today in History


On April 3, 1860, the pony express began. Boasting a trail of 1800 miles that could be traveled in ten days, it started at St. Joseph, MO and ended in Sacramento, California.It was only in operation for 18 months, ending in October of 1861. 

With the boom of the gold rush and the start of the Oregon trail, the need for a reliable mail system was dire. 

This call was answered by The creation of the Leavenworth & Pike’s Peak Express Company by William H. Russell, Alexander Majors and William B. Waddell, which was soon nicknamed the pony express.

Unfortunately, just ten weeks after the Pony Express began congress passed a bill that lead to a telegraph system that connected the east to the west, thus making the pony express quickly obsolete.

While it was short lived, no one can think of the old west without paying homage to the Pony Express.

Fort Leavenworth Milspouses, the start of the trail begins just 30 minutes from your front door! Spend a day in St. Joseph and stop by their cute museum!


That’s it for me! This is Emma Tighe with News 6, where information empowers. 




  • Emma Tighe

    Emma Tighe is a lover of news, humor and writing, making her position of News 6 correspondent quite literally a dream come true. She hails from absolutely nowhere and everywhere, as she was an army brat. Emma has been an army spouse for 11 years and has five children, whom she homeschools. Somewhat successfully, depending on the week. In college, her choir director said she should’ve majored in comedy. Her theory professor told her she should’ve majored in writing. They must have been right, as she is still attempting to do both. Emma and her family have lived in five different bases (but 8 separate moves and yes this is important to her) and currently call Fort Leavenworth, KS home. Emma is an active volunteer, believing that information is power, and the best way to empower new or struggling spouses is to provide them with resources and tools to learn how to advocate for themselves and their families. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram under her page, Rolling Along.


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