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D-Day: Love Unites, Death Cannot Separate

D-Day: Love Unites, Death Cannot Separate

D-Day conjures up a multitude of emotions for many Americans.

I am flying out with my family on the morning of June 1 to visit Normandy to witness the 75th anniversary of the jump into France that essentially catapulted the United States into the European theater of World War II.

I will be writing a multi-part feature on Normandy, D-Day, and the events surrounding this week, but I want to share a story that means so much to me and my family.

AWTR Show #913: WW2 Armor

AWTR Show #913: WW2 Armor

It all started with a Thompson .45 caliber machine gun. And then 37 tanks later, WW2 Armor was born. Now there is an organization that can breathe life into what people typically only read about in books.

WW2 Armor is a self-propelled living museum that demonstrates fully operational WWII tanks, tank destroyers, and artillery at public events as a way to honor the men who fought in them. One such public event is coming up, the D-Day reenactment in Conneaut, Ohio (more information below). This event brings Normandy here and makes it accessible to people who normally might not be able to experience it. 

AWTR Show #909: Book: Danger Forward

AWTR Show #909: Book: Danger Forward

Can you imagine graduating from West Point right as the Korean War started and then talking your way into getting orders to Korea? Paul Gorman did not only that but became an instrumental strategist in the US Army.  Author Mike Guardia recounts the amazing career of Paul Gorman in the new book, Danger Forward.

A 1950 West Point graduate, Paul Gorman entered the officer ranks during the inaugural years of the Cold War. Like many of his classmates, Gorman served on the frontlines in Korea and Vietnam.  As a young Lieutenant Colonel, he commanded 1-26 Infantry at the Battle of Bong Trang in 1966, where he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross – the nation’s second highest award for valor.

Purple Dandelion

Purple Dandelion

Purple is the color of royalty and strength,

Dandelion flowers bloom and adapt at great lengths.

You radiate the essence of these pillars and more,

They represent how special you are, for much more is in store.

The 20-Year Mark: A Lifetime

The 20-Year Mark: A Lifetime

There’s an anniversary my husband and I have been talking about for some time now, and I think the same goes for military families, civilians, and global media. It’s the 20-year mark since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. 

There’s so much uncertainty on how to approach this day, particularly with the recent events in Afghanistan. One thing I’ve been reflecting on recently is that it feels like a lifetime ago.

And for some, it was. 

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