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What about my hair?

What about my hair?

PCS time comes with many questions and the ordeal of figuring out new places and things. As a licensed cosmetologist of 20 years, and a 13-year military spouse, one of the biggest challenges we face during a move is finding a new stylist. 

Fear not my friends, I am here to give you some pro-tips to ease the new stylist pain!


  1. See your old stylist as close as you can to your departure date.


I know, with everything else going on taking out a few hours to get your hair done seems unreasonable. But trust me, having a fresh style will buy time at your new station to figure out where to go and who to see.

Plus, you’ll arrive looking fabulous!


  1. Ask your current stylist to write down what color formulas, names of products, and techniques they are using.


Change is hard, and not all stylists use the same supplies. So, if you like what you have going on, make sure to document it so you can take it to your new stylist. 




Time may not allow you to see your person before you depart. As tempting as it may be, just say no to box color.

A box color mistake can cost you hundreds of dollars to correct, and to try and correct a color error while finding a new person, spells a recipe for disaster.

If you just can’t take it and need to hide the greys, look for a temporary stain, or spray color to get you through.


  1. Don’t be afraid to ask.


The best referrals come from asking. If you see someone at the store or out and about and you like their hair, don’t be afraid to ask!

Not only are you getting a firsthand recommendation, but the person you’re asking will also get a confidence boost!

Who knows, maybe you’ll make a new friend!


  1. Cosmetology schools are a hidden secret. 


I was a cosmetology educator for a short time, and I will tell you, cosmetology schools are the best place to go! Why may you ask?

Because you are seeing someone who is fresh in their training and has the most up to date skill and knowledge. There is a licensed professional assisting along the way.

The student must verify all their steps, formulations, and ideas before starting. The teacher then checks, and if needed, corrects anything that needs to be addressed.

It’s a fraction of the price!!! Imagine getting your nails, hair, facial, and waxing done for 50-75% off. 


  1. No emotional hair


This is the last and most important tip, refrain from making emotional hair choices. When I say emotional hair choices, I mean making drastic changes like cutting bangs, or chopping it all off, without at least 3-4 weeks of contemplation.

You’ll be dealing with enough changes with a big move, do not make having hair you hate part of that equation.


With these tips in mind, I wish you luck! May your travels be safe and fast, and your hair look amazing every step of the way. 




*To read more from Rebecca, check out our Band of Bloggers Page. To find Cosmetology schools near your installation, click HERE.




  • Rebecca Dills

    Rebecca Dills is an Army spouse of 13 years, an Air Force brat, and an Army mom. Born and raised in Colorado, she enjoys the mountains and cherishes a good rainy day. She currently lives in Charles Town, WV with her husband CSM Michael Dills, their 6 year old son, 4 dogs and 2 cats! She is an avid animal enthusiast and will quickly become best friends with any dog she meets. Rebecca and her husband have 5 older boys- three in Colorado, one in Georgia, and one who is also Active Duty. She has a bachelor’s degree in public health and works as a Project Manager for a D.C based hospital system managing research on mother and infant health disparities in the local region. Rebecca loves to write and engage in speaking events while sharing her stories of motherhood, Army life, and being an advocate for mental health awareness.


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