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National Guard & Reserves

We know you aren’t “just like everyone else.” We here at Mission: Milspouse see you and support you right alongside our active-duty component!  

There may not be an installation nearby, and your unit might not have hosted a family “readiness” meeting since 1992. However, you are still a part of the military community, no matter what season of service your National Guard/Reserve member is navigating.

From annual training (that may or may not actually be “two weeks in the summer”)  to weekend training each month, or units recently activated, we are here to get you connected and to empower you with the knowledge you need to succeed.

Here you will find a list of blogs to speak to your experience, and hopefully offer some encouragement and insight along the way. 

An Open Letter to the National Guard Spouse

An Open Letter to the National Guard Spouse

Dearest National Guard spouse, I see you.

Your partner is gone and you may have wonderful friends, but none understand what you’re going through. Your kids have a slew of friends and they don’t have to PCS, but they also don’t have friends that understand why their parent is gone. Your family loves you, but they too do not comprehend the feeling of a spouse being away.

Don’t worry, I see you.

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