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Dear Moms

Dear Moms

Dear Moms, We live in an age of extreme judgement. We judge our clothes, houses, cars, and worst of all, we judge our kids. Our Kids! Kids grades, kids sports, kids college choices, kids everything. And, they know adults tend to be judgmental. They feel this judgement...

MMP# 1035: To all the Military Mamas and Mothers of Dragons

MMP# 1035: To all the Military Mamas and Mothers of Dragons

Join Kathleen Palmer (KP), the Mission: Milspouse Director of Content as she speaks to the military spouses about raising military children AKA brats.  As a mom and military spouse herself, KP has hands on experience navigating the ups and downs of parenting in a military family as you move around the globe. Please raise a glass of your favorite beverage and remind yourself even the smallest task completed is still a victory to be celebrated! 

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Supporting Our Military Children

Supporting Our Military Children

One thing that has been most important to me, as a military spouse, is figuring out how to best do this life while supporting our children with the changes and difficulties. When my children were very small, there were many times that my husband was away, and I had to parent my children alone.

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