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D-Day: Love Unites, Death Cannot Separate

D-Day: Love Unites, Death Cannot Separate

D-Day conjures up a multitude of emotions for many Americans.

I am flying out with my family on the morning of June 1 to visit Normandy to witness the 75th anniversary of the jump into France that essentially catapulted the United States into the European theater of World War II.

I will be writing a multi-part feature on Normandy, D-Day, and the events surrounding this week, but I want to share a story that means so much to me and my family.

MMP Show #956: The Shadow of Death

MMP Show #956: The Shadow of Death

The horrors of war has a way of challenging anyone’s faith. And you can easily find yourself adapting to wars in a dark way. On top of that, once you get out, you can feel a loss of community. The Shadow of Death is a candid, poignant story of one warrior’s descent into unimaginable despair—and his glorious redemption in God.

MMP Show #952: Veteran’s Last Patrol

MMP Show #952: Veteran’s Last Patrol

Our veterans served America. They protected us and our way of life. We must stand by them. Our veterans know about patrolling land, sea, and air. Veterans in hospice are on their final fight and in their last patrol. And that’s where Veteran’s Last Patrol comes in.

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